Saturday, January 30, 2010

Goodbye !!! Husny

The phone rings at Husny Mubarak ´s home
Husny picks up the phone :

The Reporter :
Good eveneing Mr. President , what would like to tell to the Egyptian people 
at the farewell speech ??

Husny  : (surprised)
What farewell speech ??
where  are the Egyptian-people going to ??
في اتصال هاتفى:
صحفى ومراسل دولى سأل "مبارك" تحب تقول إيه فى كلمة وداعك للشعب المصرى.
إندهش "مبارك"
ورد بسرعة:

ليه هو الشعب رايح فين!

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Burqa , in the land of Francoise Sagan
 the French-revolution decapitated its King
to replace him by an Emperor...

In France , a parliamentarian committee is preparing a  
project for a law  that will forbid Muslim women 
to wear the Burqua or any veil that will hide their  faces.

Although , I would like to  forbid any forbidding ,
I can see the practical side of doing so.

But France has about 2 million Muslims 

where one million would be the women
out of whom only 2000 women would hide their faces 

in such an unnecessary and un-islamic way. 

Which means that 0,002% of the french-muslim- women 

may have used it , so far.......
or one lady out of each 5.000 french-muslim- women !!

I must express my admiration and my astomishement 

for the French-law-makers who bother to make a tailor-made- law  
which concerns only  0,002% of its muslim population, exclusively,
and to be more accurate, it concerns 0,0000073% of its total population.. ..
which actualy concerns one person out of each 325.000 French-citizen.

Statistically speaking ,
you may compare the effectiveness this law,  to a law regarding
-all the one-legged-french- men-whose- grand-father´ s name 

was Pierre.
or to
-all the french-women who married on a Tuesday-afternon 

whith a guy called Jacques.

Anyhow ,as a revenge ,
Muslims countries ought to forbid to their French-christian- minorities
to eat the frogg-legs with a falafel-sauce.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom

statiscal-researche r

PS :
I  wonder what ZORO has to say....?
he is not a french-muslem- woman
but he defends the poor and the weak !!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kabul and Baghdad did not fall.
How can they expect any victory ?? from those.....

Recently ,
the Taliban have targeted the down-town-area of Kabul.
It is a symbolic-victory knowing that Talibans do anyhow have
the upper-hand only outside the Afghan cities...... .
So the USA and its brave allies are " back to start "
or are simply back to nowhere.
We all knew that the Western-forces cannot win politically nor morally ,
but eventually,and by some miracle, they could win militarily.
This is not the case and the Talibans are coming back to Kabul.

Now , today ,
we have the confirmation that this miracle shall not take place,
because wisdom tells us : " You cannot bomb an idea "

between the Euphrates and the Tiger , politicians are considering
allowing the members of the Baath party to re-enter
onto the political arena and to participate in the elections.

However they shall allow the "Baathist" but not the "Saddamist"
according to their spokesman.
Which resembles ,for example, to a ban on the leninists
but with a license to the communists.
Here  is a miracle in the making which is closer to absurdity
when we remember that Iraq was invaded because it was Baathist,
and for nothing else.

" you cannot bomb an ideology !! "

Kabul and Baghdad did not fall , after all.

How could the USA hope for  victory or even for a success
when Talibans and or  Baathist do come back  ??? .

The Baath-party, anyhow, is now the only salvation for Iraq,
while,  Afghanistan deserves better than the Talibans,
but who am I to judge the inevitable and the obvious ??

Raja Chemayel

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All those Holocauts !!
Gaza ??......... or Jennin ??
what is
the race or religion of Fascism ??

When someone has survived 

the Nazi´s Holocaust,
does this allow him, now,
to make his own ??

When the Holocaust were to have been exaggerated,
the massacres of the Palestinians are not !!

Gaza is not , exactly , the Warsaw-Ghetto
but a slower-starvation is worse than a fast one !!

Sabra,Chatilla , Jennin and Deir Yassin
are not Dachau, nor Treblinka nor Mathhausen
bu all kind of deaths give us the same results:
death !

Palestinians are starving since 61 years
while the Nazi-Holocaust lasted 5 years
and has ended since 64 years !!

Should we not condemn all the Holocausts  ??
Should we not , first of all,
 stop the on-going-Holocaust  ??

Raja Chemayel