Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bombay, Beirut and Baghdad
The first-Double- Agent.... .
who founded
a double-faced- dynasty.

The Jordanian double-agent who blew himself up
(Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi)
at a CIA  lunch-party in Afghanistan ,
was indeed a Double-agent. ......

As per definition , a double-agent
must do all his things,  double,
like in a double traffic street
where  cars drive away and or do come back , also.

So most probably , this double agent
was asked to place bombs in a busy-coffee- shop
in Baghdad or in Beirut...... ..... or anywhere else
but now, came the time for him,  to act in reverse,

Because he would not be a Double-agent
if he would plant his bombs only on one side.

So why to be surprised or chocked ,  to hear that
a Double-agent went back to blow up
his own CIA Masters   ??

Therefore ,
it is highly  recommendable for the CIA,  from now on,
to use only "simple-Agents" when they want to  bomb
Beirut ,Bombay or Baghdad .....or anywhere else.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
working for the Truth and for the Capitalist-Media.

Friday, January 8, 2010

How to define a Genocide ??


How to define a  genocide ??

One way is to enter with an army or with a militia 

to kill everybody collectively  and  indiscriminately.

Another way , would be,
to stop or to block their 
chain of nutrition-supplies

and all other means of survival.

There might be a third way,
which I do ignore at this point.

Husny Mubarak does it , 
the second way

while ,

Benjamin Nathaniahu 
did it the first way .

Raja Chemayel

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jesus enters to Gaza.....

The Jesus of the 21st century !!
in the Massada of the 21st.Century !!

Jesus has entered into Gaza !!
next week they shall be put him on a Cross
Pilate shall blame Nathaniahu
while Nathaniahu shall ask Pilate to execute him
in the name of the

Mary stayed at home and watched it all ,on the TV
she did not like to be beaten by the Egyptian-police.

Judas stayed in Ramallah dividing his reward
between him and the Pharaoh of Cairo.

Jesus is nowadays a British
because humanism has no nationality
neither should it have one.

Gaza is not yet totally free
but Gaza is not alone...
we are all Gazzaens !!

Raja Chemayel

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dubai has the longest.......

880 meters of arrogant-decadence !!

Dubai has the longest one....
it is 880 meters high

It does not reach the Heavens
but it is the nearest to highest-absurdity.

Why do Gulf- Arabs need such a long one
are they suffering any inferiority complex
or suffering from any sense of deprivation ??

Obviously they are !!

Why not to spend this money on a university
or on any hospital ???
On education or on sports....
how about on social-civic- development ,
don´t we all need it ??

How about teaching Saudi women how to drive
and at the same time teach also Saudi-men how to drive   !!
Teach to all the Gulf-Arabs
that in car-traffic- rules  the priority

is not related to the nationality of the driver......

Many other purposes would be more appreciated
than this useless-Monster that has 1000 flats and 50 elevators
plus all the decadence you can think of.

To start with........ there is nobody in inhabit it !!
and those who need housing cannot afford it !!

It is designed by over-paid-Westerner s
while build by underpaid Asian- slaves.

It is paid by Gulf-Arabs dressed in silk
while build by Asian-slaves who slept on the site.

It is standing in the desert of humanism
and it serves only three purposes:
Greed , greed and arrogance.

For 10% ot its total cost
one could build a underground- rail-tunnel
between Gaza and the Sinai.

For 20% of its cost
one could totaly erradicate illitracy in Yemen and Egypt.

For the money of its cost
one could dump the Straight of Hormuz
to keep away those western- invaders
so came much too often.

Sherlock Hommos

Monday, January 4, 2010

Good News.....Bad-News
indeed !!!
Terrorism has no religion

therefore and now,
it is given any religion of choice
and also a nationality ,too .

Good News :
The USA Embassy in Yemen
has closed.
Bad News :
All other USA Embassies worldwide
are still open.

Because..... ....
a Muslim Nigerian whose bomb did not blow up
and who has passed 3 airport-security- controls
and who was on the list-of-suspects since 3 years
and finally whose father has personally warned
the US Embassy about him.....
has not "succeeded"  in his mission
consequently and logically ,
 the Yemen is blamed and shall be bombed !!

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
Manager ,Yemen-reshape- association