Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dubai has the longest.......

880 meters of arrogant-decadence !!

Dubai has the longest one....
it is 880 meters high

It does not reach the Heavens
but it is the nearest to highest-absurdity.

Why do Gulf- Arabs need such a long one
are they suffering any inferiority complex
or suffering from any sense of deprivation ??

Obviously they are !!

Why not to spend this money on a university
or on any hospital ???
On education or on sports....
how about on social-civic- development ,
don´t we all need it ??

How about teaching Saudi women how to drive
and at the same time teach also Saudi-men how to drive   !!
Teach to all the Gulf-Arabs
that in car-traffic- rules  the priority

is not related to the nationality of the driver......

Many other purposes would be more appreciated
than this useless-Monster that has 1000 flats and 50 elevators
plus all the decadence you can think of.

To start with........ there is nobody in inhabit it !!
and those who need housing cannot afford it !!

It is designed by over-paid-Westerner s
while build by underpaid Asian- slaves.

It is paid by Gulf-Arabs dressed in silk
while build by Asian-slaves who slept on the site.

It is standing in the desert of humanism
and it serves only three purposes:
Greed , greed and arrogance.

For 10% ot its total cost
one could build a underground- rail-tunnel
between Gaza and the Sinai.

For 20% of its cost
one could totaly erradicate illitracy in Yemen and Egypt.

For the money of its cost
one could dump the Straight of Hormuz
to keep away those western- invaders
so came much too often.

Sherlock Hommos

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