Saturday, March 5, 2011

Do you remember Obama´s visit to Cairo ??
Who has more fingers to point ??

Please watch :

Watch this video
and pay attention from the time 2:50  until  3:25
you will see a which Hosny does not
come down to meet Obama at the bottom of the stairway ,
but Hosny waits for him at the top of the stairway.
Which is surely impolite .........and  an anti-protocol-procedure.

Should you come to dine at my house , I would walk you back
to your car afterwards while you leave. Also I would meet you
at the door ,downstairs, when you come in.

I assume Hosny was surely arrogant on that day ,
not appreciating the visit of Obama to Cairo to announce " Democracy".

This is one argument that supports the suspicion that the USA (CIA)
has orchestrated the toppling of Hosny .

Sherlock Hommos
protocol's inspector

Body talks !!

Friday, March 4, 2011

The religion of an ennemy

Look what Islam
and those Arabs
have once done to (Spain) Europe !!

The West would like to blame the Arabs for being Muslims ,
as if Islam were to be a disadvantage
or some kind of a social-failure.

What would happen if and when
we Arabs shall,one day,
start to  blame the Israelis for being all Jews  ???
or  to blame the Colonialists for being all Christians  ???

Let us compare and evaluate
what did  Islam contribute to the whole of humanity
and simultaneously ,
to analyse the role of Judaism and the Jews on this planet  ??

I leave this assessment to each of you, 
objectively and individually.

But  would like to ask you,
if reiincarnation does exist ,
whether you would like,
to be re-born as a Jew or as a Muslim  ???
or ,you would like to be re-born ,
as an  Israeli or as an Arab-Palestinian ??

Raja Chemayel
born happily as an Arab-Christian in a Muslim-Arab-society.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Christian Dior and Anti-semitism

Photo by
 Jaso<span id=

a nice moustache !!!

This man does not , obviously,  like the "Jews ",
and he said so.......
therefore he just lost his Job
and even face a trial !!.

Christain Dior , his employer,
must be looking now for
a new Chief-Designer.

I wonder whether Christian Dior
has more Arab-Customers
than the Jewish customers ??
or probablement , the inequality and the bias
 have reached la Haute Couture ,
encore !!.

 La Haute Couture
and the Jewish-arrogance & supremacy
do not match.

The incident was that,
 this man
"insulted" a non-Jew-lady
by comparing her............ to a "Jew"and mentioning Adolf.

Conclusion :
a non-jew is not allowed
to accuse another non-jew
of being a "Jew"  !!

That would be , un peu trop , anti-Semitique !!!!
n´est ce pas ??

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom

The irony is that chief-designer
if caught by Adolf , for being a "non-fanatically-male-person"
he would also have ended up in a Camp.
And his family would never get
a German-war-compensation, today.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Western Military interventions in Libya
The Libyan-Jesus
caught (also) by the Romans

Western Military forces
are evacuating their citizens out of Libya.
Special military transport flights are organised.

Soon more will follow ,
in which the same Western military
shall go back to protect the Oil Installations,
then go back to protect the Pipe Line
then go back to protect the disembarkation-ports
then go back to protect the new-Democracy
then to stay to protect the :
Western-Friendship-Accords-with-a-Milking-Cow called Libya.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom


From Tripoli

Hollywood has granted the Oscar to :
"The King´s Speech"

We ,
on the other side ,
should grant our Oscar to :
" The Colonel´s Speech "

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Open letter to Colonel Qaddafi
My Hero !!!!
Heroism nor a country
can be an item in a testament !

Open letter to
Muammar el Qaddafi

Colonel ,

Once you took power , I was 21 years old
and I thought then that you were the right person
to lead Arab revolutions and emancipation's.
Especially because you named yourself as
the son of El Raiss Gamal AbdelNasser.

Since then everything you have done was hasty
unprepared ,childish and spontaneous........

42 years later , I claim that I matured,( a bit),
and you did not.

Ernesto CHE Guevara won the revolution
and refused to use the throne ,
instead ,he picked up his gun again
and continued his mission.

As for you my Colonel ,
you decided to become a photo-model
and an immature despot.
A pseudo-arachist, but a narcist !!
Who even wrote a book
which you cannot read it by yourlsef.

During my Lebanese civil war ,
we could not decide who was worse:
your own mercenaries or those of the Mossad´s  ??

Indeed you were generous to almost
all revolutions and all liberation movements
but after all you were awfuly rich..........anyhow !!!.

Most of things you have done
might be forgiven, if and when
you did not choose your own successors
who are your own sons.....................

This choice of sucessor, made you as an equal
to the King of Jordan , the king of Marrocco
and Bahrain.......not to forget the Gulf princes.

When you liberated Libya ,my Colonel ,
why did you then put Libya in  your own testament ???
Did Ho Chi Minh do that ??
Did the "Che" do that ??
Did Prophet Mohammad do that ??

Your people have spoken : They want you not !!!!.

If you loved Libya so much, let it breath !!
if you loved yourself as well , stand a trial !!

Raja Chemayel