Friday, November 18, 2011

The other bomb.....

The other bomb,
Saddam has had none and yet he was invaded
Qaddafi gave up his and yet he was assassinated
Israel has a lot and yet nobody complained
Pakistan has one and yet nobody cared
North Korea has a big one and the West is scared
Iran must have one soon , just to avoid being invaded

Raja  "  Che"   mayel

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

There are police states......and states with police
In America and in Canada
the Police was today unleashed
the "Occupy-Movements"
who are nothing but peaceful......!!!

What should the Syrian police do
against the armed-agitators ??
Shouldn't the Arab League also 
suspend the USA , now ???

:-? thinkingRaja:( sad

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the story of a Lebanese businessman in 1982
This enough for Two

There is a trick serving Israel called " normalisation"
in which Arab businessmen are sucked into collaborating
with Israel´s industries enabling it to dump its products
on Arab consumers........
in my book, it is a traitorous endeavour.

In that regard ,
we have a Beirutee joke  :

During the invasion and occupation of Beirut in 1982
an Israeli businessman was trying desperately to sell
women´s bras into the Lebanese market , but nobody
was buying from him.

One day a Lebanese businessman approached him and proposed
to help him, provided the Israeli would leave his stock of bras
and come back later to see the results

2 weeks later the Israeli came back and was admonished how come
that Lebanese has sold out all his stock.

So he left again a bigger stock of Israeli-bras and he came again
3 weeks later to see again the same result : all sold out !!

He begged the Lebanese salesman to tell him the secret of his success.

No way  !!!
this clever-Lebanese would not tell his secret formula ,
but rather he asked for more of those Israeli bras......

This profitable business went on until the day when the Israeli army
has had to retreat and the Israeli-Businessman asked :
Listen my dear , Abou Khalil ,
now I am leaving and I may never come back again,
so here I give you 10.000 dollars if you tell me the secret of your
unexplainable success !!

The Lebanese took the 10.000 Dollars (and after re-counting them carefully)
placed them in his pockets...... smiled and said :
Very simple , ya homar !! ,
I take each bras and then cut it into 2 halves
and then I sell each half  to an Israeli occupying soldier.......
one bras , makes 2 Kippa´s !!

Sherlock Hommos
Pheonician marketing advisor

Lybia on 15Th November 2011
He leaves ,
with his hand on his walet

Mr. Jibril the head of the National-Transitional-Circus,
the ex-Minister and ex-US-University-professor
has become ,today, an "   ex-liberator"................
indeed he resigned  !!

He gave many reasons for his resignation
but I do not believe any of them.
The fact remains that he is leaving even before the " Victory-parade "
most probably because it was never a victory in Libya !!

Raja Chemayel

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

6 million non-jews
Some have already their bomb
and others do not !!

Imaging that Iran would have ,next week , a nuclear bomb
and that it has also the rocket that could carry it.

Imaging ,also , that the target would be Tel Aviv
and that the impact area would only be a radius of 100 Miles (150 Km)
then we shall see :
1- Jerusalem completely distroyed
2- 1,5 million Gazzean dead
3- one million Arab-Palestinians lokked inside Israel , also dead
4 - 2,5 million Arab-Palestinians living in the West Bank , also dead
5- one million Russian-immigrants (Christians) also dead
6- all in all :
     6 million-non-jews dead , as collateral damages !!     when only 4 Million Israelis would perish.
7- and a Muslim regime completely destroying the third holiest Muslem place of worship
     which is Jerusalem .

No sir !!
if and when Iran gets its atom-bomb,it will be simply respected,
just like North Korea ,Pakistan,Israel or France .

Raja Chemayel
NB :
If the damaging-radius of the Bomb will be 200 Miles ( 300 Km.)
Alexandria , Beirut, Damascus and Amman population s
will be serevely damaged too

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