Saturday, September 17, 2011

It is not a religious comflict !!
Christian-Arabs also wear a veil
it is our culture....!!

There are more Arab-Christians than there are Israelis
There are more Arab-Christians than there are  Jews , world-wide.

The Western-Christians who anyhow support Israel , are practically
supporting Jews against Christians or even Jews against Christianity.

The rare cases when the Western-Christians
did help the Arab-Christians , is when they ask from the Arab-Christians
to become sand-bags to protect Israel.(Lebanon' s war 1975-1995)

Therefore my dear readers ( and moles, also ) :
it is not a religious conflict,
as much as it is a Clash-of two civilisations.

The latest example would be Syria,today,
where the Christians who are siding with that anti-Israel-regime
and those opposition being fanatic-Moslem's who are ultimately
serving the (Christian) West which serves ultimately (Jewish) Israel.
And all this is charade is called "Democracy" or the Arab-Spring.....

We the Christians of the East , were already Arabs
before Mohammad , Omar , Ali ,  before Richard Lion' s hart ,
and before Lawrence of Arabia.

We shall not erase our identity , just to please
religious fa
naticism helped by Wertern-pseudo-democracy.

Syria with all its shortcomings, is a fortress,
our fortress................and democracy can wait !!

Raja Chemayel
an Arab-christian who is a christian-Arab

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Between cluster bombs and my childhood

a warning sign for cluster-bombs in my fields

I am on holidays in Lebanon
in my hometown of Bhamdoun.

I go down the hill terraces to pick up
the grapes and the figs,
for which Bhamdoun always was famous.

In 1982 and 1983 the Israeli army occupied us
with the help of the fascists-forces (so called-Christians)
and after Israelis left , they handed it over to the
other fascists-forces (so called-Druzes).

The result was a whole scale massacre in
my hometown........

That is history now, .............I hope,

Nonetheless I pick up each sunrise my fresh grapes
among Israeli-cluster-bombs.

We own a small vineyard ,
in front of which are the cluster-bombs (still to be removed)
and behind it is a villa built by a Kuwaiti rich-man......

This seems as an absurd and surreal picture,
but it is true and I am standing in the middle of it.

The Israelis have left 4 million cluster bombs in the Lebanon
and about a couple of hundreds are still in my hometown-vineyards.

on my Paradise

PS :
Since 2006 about 400 victims lost their lives because
of those left over cluster bombs.....all over Lebanon.
That is 7.5% of the victims of 911
If you add the other victims of the 2006 war,
the total would be 50% of  the 911.....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

50 Years after JFK and 10 years after 911
Oussama Ben Laden
being silenced for ever ....
Lee Oswald
after his  plastic operation
The only 911 version ,
I  do trust !!

I waited half a century to be convinced about who killed JFK
and I am still not sure ,today, who did it .

As for the 911 tragedy,
there are hundreds of valid conspiracy-theories,
numerous contradictions and doubts on that official version
and the only person who could tell us the full  TRUTH
was shot in his bed  and thrown in the see.....the same day!

Therefore , I must be more patient
and hope to finally see :
the final evidence whether,
Oussama Ben Laden did indeed shoot JFK  ,
or not.

one thing is sure ,
Lee Oswald did not do 911 !!
because his pictures were not shown 72 hours after 911,
with the other accused......

Raja Chemayel
Sherlock Hommos
Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom

My sympathies goes to the victims of 911
and I hope they shall no more be ,agaim,exploited.