Saturday, September 17, 2011

It is not a religious comflict !!
Christian-Arabs also wear a veil
it is our culture....!!

There are more Arab-Christians than there are Israelis
There are more Arab-Christians than there are  Jews , world-wide.

The Western-Christians who anyhow support Israel , are practically
supporting Jews against Christians or even Jews against Christianity.

The rare cases when the Western-Christians
did help the Arab-Christians , is when they ask from the Arab-Christians
to become sand-bags to protect Israel.(Lebanon' s war 1975-1995)

Therefore my dear readers ( and moles, also ) :
it is not a religious conflict,
as much as it is a Clash-of two civilisations.

The latest example would be Syria,today,
where the Christians who are siding with that anti-Israel-regime
and those opposition being fanatic-Moslem's who are ultimately
serving the (Christian) West which serves ultimately (Jewish) Israel.
And all this is charade is called "Democracy" or the Arab-Spring.....

We the Christians of the East , were already Arabs
before Mohammad , Omar , Ali ,  before Richard Lion' s hart ,
and before Lawrence of Arabia.

We shall not erase our identity , just to please
religious fa
naticism helped by Wertern-pseudo-democracy.

Syria with all its shortcomings, is a fortress,
our fortress................and democracy can wait !!

Raja Chemayel
an Arab-christian who is a christian-Arab

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