Saturday, January 3, 2009

El Sayyed and El Raiiss

El Sayyed
El Raiiss
When I was a child living in Beirut
there was a Giant living in Cairo
when he roared by the Nile
we, under the Cedars ,
went down the streets to demonstrate.

That Giant has had more to say in Beirut
than any Lebanese politician could or would .

We called him El Raiiss ( the Chief )

Today Beirut is still in the Lebanon
and Cairo is still by the Nile.

But now when in Beirut , El Sayyed roars,
Cairo goes down the streets to demonstrate,
without asking any permission from the Pharaoh of Cairo.

Nothings has changed ,
El Raiiss and El Sayyed
are the same blessing.

And we all know that Arabs are not united
but , at least, Arabs are , one People !!

The Israelis are 11 peoples , but are united.....
nevertheless that does not make them a people
but rather pirates coming from different nationalities
and different cultures and different races.

What unites the Israelis is their greed
and their criminal-mythical- obsession to steal Palestine .

Let us repossess our Palestine
and then the Israelis will go back to Europe and the USA ,
as just Jews.

Gazza is not the solution ,
nor is Gaza the problem ,
today nor ever.

Gaza is simply today's Chosen Victims
because they are Palestinians
because they are Arabs
because they said ''No'' to Zionism .

Arabs are not perfect , maybe......
but we are the Truth ,
the legal and natural-inheriting- people of the Land
and most of all , we are the victims of an aggression
which came upon us
from outside.....
whether this justifies ''our terrorism'' or not !!

I loved El Raiiss ,
my son loves El Sayyed
and both love God !!!! and our Palestine .

The way to Jerusalem starts in Gaza !!!
Are we ready ??

Raja Chemayel

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Road to Gaza

with those two. who still needs ennemies ??

The road to Gaza passes by Cairo
The tunnels towards liberation
start in Gaza .

Beirut has its (our) Sayyed
ready like a lion
Damascus has its Lion
waiting to be called Sayyed .

Riyadh and Kuwait have
rich-Camels riding on selfish-Bedouins
and Rabat is not better,,,,,, ,,,,,

The roads to Gaza leads us to Jerusalem
Jerusalem is sold by Abbas

If Baghdad were still standing on its feet
Gaza would not be attacked, today.

The destruction of Gaza started
by the hanging of President Saddam
and the Pharaoh of Cairo knows that,
so he closed his eyes
and his doors.

Raja Chemayel

How far is Cairo ????

by Ben Heine

How would you call anyone who knows that
a Military-solution is not a solution and yet,
he tries ,again, to win a military-solution ????
if he ever can .

In the meantime , and so far :
for each dead Israeli there are 106 dead Palestinians
and for each wounded Israeli there are 179 wounded Palestinians
for each Palestinian missilethere are 328 Israeli missiles fired
for each used and old Palestinian- Ambulance
there are 97 brand-new-Israeli ambulances.

I am sure that Cairo has more missiles
and more Ambulances than both Israel and Palestine
but it is using neither ......!!!

Raja Chemayel

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Next Year in Jerusalem

One religion , we all know,
used to wish to itself,
to be in Jerusalem....

So each year , at the new-year's-day
they used the slogan :
Next year in Jerusalem !!

Since 1967 , my friends and family
we say the same slogan , ironically,
and with bitterness :
Next Year in Jerusalem !!

This year I say :
Next Year in (the disinfected) Jerusalem !!

The irony remains that when we were inside Jerusalem
they were not forbidden to enter in.....
but now that they are inside Jerusalem ,
we are completely out of it .
( we need a special-permission to spend the Christmas-eve
with our uncle or aunt ,in Jerusalem , who need a permission
to add a floor to their existing Jerusalem ,
and who do not get it , even )

If we are terrorists today ,
it is because we copied them
and if we were to become , also,
supporters of any Apartheid
it is also because of them.

Raja Chemayel

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

one funeral too much.....

Is Ahmedinejad an Anti-Semite ???
Is Livni a Semites ???

I watched yesterday CNN and BBC-World
as usual and what has struck me is that both
so prominent Media outlets have found time
for a 30 or 40 seconds segment
in their prime-time-news
to speak about and to show the funeral of one Israeli
who died yesterday and they even showed us his family weeping
at his funerals.... ....

Of course you all would agree with me, that more Palestinians
have died on that same day and much more were wounded..... .

and yet CNN and BBC ,and probably one hundred others,
have found 30 seconds to show us this Israeli-funeral.

I must admit that each human is equal to the other human
thus each funeral is equal the other funeral
but at least this Israeli has had the chance to get a funeral
while the Palestinians of Gaza get a " whole-sale-funeral"

Wait !! I did not finish yet.....

Nobody !! ,
not CNN , nor BBC did tell us what from
did that Israeli die yesterday... .
they just showed us his wife crying and his family mourning......
no cause of death was mentioned !

As for the Gaza civilians dying ,
we all all know what has killed them .

Never mind my sarcasm ,
soon Israeli buses shall be operating normally
and many civilians shall ride on them....
and then we shall know "what" killed them ....

My brother El Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah
asked us to demonstrate all over the world.

And a Friend of mine , an American-Jew in Berlin
went down today in the German-Capital to demonstrate
wearing the Sign:

Raja Chemayel

Monday, December 29, 2008

The unhumane-right to return a favour

the soldier of inhumanity

The sixty years old oppressor
who is also the 52 years old occupier
and who is the 30 months old besieger
is calling his victims as : "Terrorists"
and is bombing 40 targets in a stroke of land
less than 40 Kilometres long......
and being the world's most densely populated area.

Mahmoud Abbas is watching
Husny Mubarak is even watching closer
and , as a matter of fact ,
the whole of Arab Regimes are also spectators .

As for the Western Governments , they are only active
when lessons in humanity are to be given to us
and not when inhumanity is at work......against us .

Good night world-conscience !
sleep well if you can....

If ever there will be any survivors in Gaza
do not be surprised if they will ride on .....
an Israeli- bus !!
and only then you may call them Terrorist... .
I shall not !! because they will be "returning the favour"

Raja Chemayel

Sunday, December 28, 2008

6000 Reservists

he prays before he kills !!

The State of Zion has just recalled 6.000 reservists
to join their comrades who were besieging and starving Gaza,
for the last 30 months .

A ground offencive is imminent
and Gaza shall be asked the kneel down
for its oppressor , since 60 years.

Imaging 6000 Israeli-reservists shall spend the new-year-eve
slaughtering children and killing unarmed civilians
instead of spending the evening making a nice party
and drinking cheap-Russian- Champagne .

How long must the State of Zion suffer
the burden of being a ruthless-monster- occupier ??

I am sure Hilary Clinton , Bernard Madoff
and Husny Mubarak ,
are fully supporting those unfortunate 6.000 reservists.

It is far better,nowadays,
to be a suicide-bomber than to be, an unarmed-civilian. ......
while ,facing Israeli-reservist .

Raja Chemayel