Monday, December 29, 2008

The unhumane-right to return a favour

the soldier of inhumanity

The sixty years old oppressor
who is also the 52 years old occupier
and who is the 30 months old besieger
is calling his victims as : "Terrorists"
and is bombing 40 targets in a stroke of land
less than 40 Kilometres long......
and being the world's most densely populated area.

Mahmoud Abbas is watching
Husny Mubarak is even watching closer
and , as a matter of fact ,
the whole of Arab Regimes are also spectators .

As for the Western Governments , they are only active
when lessons in humanity are to be given to us
and not when inhumanity is at work......against us .

Good night world-conscience !
sleep well if you can....

If ever there will be any survivors in Gaza
do not be surprised if they will ride on .....
an Israeli- bus !!
and only then you may call them Terrorist... .
I shall not !! because they will be "returning the favour"

Raja Chemayel


rita said...

لقد احببت ما كتب فهو يركز الى صراع لبنان وفلسطين منذ وجود كيان اسرائيل وخروج باقي الاقطاب العربية عن قضية اكثر من ضحو لهذه الامة ..
اما بالنسبة للامم المتحدة فهي معروفة الانتماء وحتى معروفون من يحاربون ومن يطلمون

تصبحون على وطن
مديرة تحرير موقع

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