Saturday, January 3, 2009

El Sayyed and El Raiiss

El Sayyed
El Raiiss
When I was a child living in Beirut
there was a Giant living in Cairo
when he roared by the Nile
we, under the Cedars ,
went down the streets to demonstrate.

That Giant has had more to say in Beirut
than any Lebanese politician could or would .

We called him El Raiiss ( the Chief )

Today Beirut is still in the Lebanon
and Cairo is still by the Nile.

But now when in Beirut , El Sayyed roars,
Cairo goes down the streets to demonstrate,
without asking any permission from the Pharaoh of Cairo.

Nothings has changed ,
El Raiiss and El Sayyed
are the same blessing.

And we all know that Arabs are not united
but , at least, Arabs are , one People !!

The Israelis are 11 peoples , but are united.....
nevertheless that does not make them a people
but rather pirates coming from different nationalities
and different cultures and different races.

What unites the Israelis is their greed
and their criminal-mythical- obsession to steal Palestine .

Let us repossess our Palestine
and then the Israelis will go back to Europe and the USA ,
as just Jews.

Gazza is not the solution ,
nor is Gaza the problem ,
today nor ever.

Gaza is simply today's Chosen Victims
because they are Palestinians
because they are Arabs
because they said ''No'' to Zionism .

Arabs are not perfect , maybe......
but we are the Truth ,
the legal and natural-inheriting- people of the Land
and most of all , we are the victims of an aggression
which came upon us
from outside.....
whether this justifies ''our terrorism'' or not !!

I loved El Raiiss ,
my son loves El Sayyed
and both love God !!!! and our Palestine .

The way to Jerusalem starts in Gaza !!!
Are we ready ??

Raja Chemayel

1 comment:

globe said...

"Let us repossess our Palestine
and then the Israelis will go back to Europe and the USA ,
as just Jews."

the zionista gang have started the timer for an apocalypse ... ; they will never go out except by force ; and the west will never late down the zionista gang ...

i mean we lost the fight a long time ago ... ; but we don't have the right to put the weapon down; we will continue the fight ever if we are doing all the imaginable bad choices that could be humanly made.

wa salam