Sunday, January 4, 2009

Why Gazza and why now ??

the devil and the devil's advocate

Gazza is not the solution ,
nor is Gazza the problem , today nor ever.

Gazza is simply today's Chosen-Victim
because they are all Palestinians
because they are Arabs
because they said ''No'' to Zionism

On a bicycle, you could cross Gazza
from South to North ,in 3 hours,only
and from East to the sea (west) in 25 minutes.

In a Helicopter ,
once you rise up to 150 meters
you can see the other end of Gazza.

Gazza is the biggest-starved- prison
in the World
and thus it could never be a threat to anyone.
Except , being a threat to the human-consciences.

Israel is not re-invading Gazza
''for its own safety''
but rather , it does it again
just to delay any future-Peace- settlement
for another decade.
Or even just to delay
any future-peace- negotiations
for another decade.

Israel is only buying for itself time,
in the absence any future prospects.
the state of Israel has burned out !!

and Gazza pays now the price .

Raja Chemayel


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