Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Israel boms a error

The Israeli-army bombs a school in Gaza
40 dead and 200 wounded !
Are you surprised ??
Is it the first time , ever ??
what else does, such an army ??
did you ever except anything better ??
or anything else from Israel.
I know a place in Qana (Lebanon)
where it was bombed twice
and in both times , it was called " an error "
Should you ask me ,
I would say :
that the establishment of Israel was an "error "
and ,more precisely,it was a crime !!
this is the link where the Israeli spokesman
calls it self defence (against a school !! )
partly he says "the investigation is not over"
and partly , he accuses the school
of harbouring Hamas-fighters

Raja Chemayel

1 comment:

fatima said...

cant be an error . they have bombed 2 schools , a shelter , the american school , the gazan university , a Justice court (built in the early 50s) the Ministery of education , 11 mosques many of these buildings do not belong to Hamas but to the Palestinian people . As an Occupier , israel has to protect the infrastructure of Occupied land as the Geneva conventions say . Israel is nothing but an ugly violent criminal pariah state that should not even exist among us . they should move it to a US state somewhere far far and we would wish it all the best . ALL israeli embassies in the Arab world are nothing but Mossad spy Agencies spying on us and controlling us by the US embassies too.