Saturday, August 21, 2010

I hereby swear loyalty to my jailers !!

Negociations between equals ??
The State of Israel is demanding from
its Arab-Palestinian-abducted-citizens
,who live inside "Israel" since 1948,
that they ought to swear loyalty to the State.
Which , in other words , resembles to:
a rapist who demands now a marriage-contract
Adolf Hitler who asks his victims to pay for the "Gas-bill",
A Bank-thief who wants to open an account
in the same bank , he just robbed
and where he redeposits the stolen money.
Eng. Moustafa   Roosenbloom
Loyal to my critics and non-readers.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The funerals nobody has seen

Buried alive ???
dead but without a burial??
What happened to Ariel Sharon ??
where is his funerals ??
how come nobody saw it
and nobody attended it ??
Is the dead already and buried
or alive and hidden ?????
Are they afraid to bury him
when nobody shall send flowers
nor anybody will show up ??
Is Ariel  alive but under a pseudo-name
and hiding with other war-criminals ??
Eng. Moustafa   Roosenbloom

The Chosen
Chosen ?? .....
and what for ??

If the chosen people were to be
" an elite "
they were not.

If the chosen people were to be
 they were never .

If the chosen people were to be
" righteous "
they are not more nor less
than any others.

If the chosen people were
"superior "
they are really trying.... very hard !!

If the chosen people have had any
" specific mission "
they have , always , failed in it.

If the chosen people make the other peoples
as " non-chosen "
then, it is not God´s intentions.

God has chosen who ever beleives in him
and not only
"the-first-who-did-beleive-in-him ".
We are all chosen , supperior and righthous
if and when we act as God's children
ought to act !!
We can all share Palestine ,
if we do not enter it as  guest of the Palestinians, and not conquerers and the colonialists .......
but first the Palestinians must regain all their rights !!

Raja Chemayel
chosen to be fair, just and humble also.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The real Issue

In this undated photo, originally posted on a Facebook page belonging to Eden Aberjil, and taken from the Israeli blog site, an Isra
Israel's latest  "smoke screen "
as if we did not know
what they already are .
Every now and then ,
we hear about a new scandal in the Israeli society.
and the lastest is just yesterday when one soldier posted her photos
so proudly among humiliated Palestinian "prisoners "
This is true............but at the same time it is a deviation
from the real issue, which not only how inhumane is Israel.....
in fact the real issue is :
did Israel ever have had the right to exist ??
But , now that it exists ,
they do not want us to ask this question anymore,
they just keep us busy talking and watching Israel's daily atrocities.....
I say , and repeat ,
that Israel ought to pack-and-go !!
back to Lithuania , Latvia, Poland and Wall Street !!
Raja Chemayel

Monday, August 16, 2010

A walk in the park......

 The "Amsterdamsebos".........Amsterdam's biggest Park

Gert Wilders........ Netherland's biggest clown.
I was jogging in a huge park , just outside Amsterdam.
And I thought I can carry my handgun ,as usual,  just in case......
After a while , I got lost in the woods
and I found out that Gert Wilders was ahead of me
and also lost his way........ and he  lost his Body-guards, too.
He stopped terrified and begged me
to show him the way out.....
Later he found out that I was wearing my gun
and then he went on his knees.
" Do not shoot me !!!
there is nothing wrong with Islam !!!
I was just collecting any votes from any Dutch idiot !!!....."
He said.
Wilders must have thought that i was a hired-gun,
who found him alone in the park .......and that I were going
to assassinate him......( as expected , any day now )
I just smiled and just put my hand under my jacket,
as if I were going to reach for my gun........
Wilders was sweating and shivering....
" OK !! OK I confess.....
I was planted by the Israeli Embassy to disrupt
the harmonious social coexistence between
the one million dutch-Muslims
and the main stream dutch population........ "
"Do not shoot !!"
Of course I was not going to shoot Gert Wilders
and then consequently to make a martyre out of a clown.....
I just wanted to spit in his face.......
But then again , I did not spit in face
because ,otherwise, if I would spit on him,
his value will double.
I just turned around...and left him
and I went to look for the way out of the park .
Eng .Moustafa   Roosenbloom
hired-killer.....except for the Clowns !!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Slaves and civilisation

in the last two decade ,
how many Muslim-civilians were killed by Christian soldiers  ???
how many Christian-civilians were killed by Muslim soldiers ???
in the last two centuries,
how many Muslims were enslaved by Christian Nations ??
how many Christians were enslaved by Muslim nations ??
in the last two millenniums
how many Jews suffered by the hands of Christians ??
how many Jews suffered by the hands of Muslims ??
Make your accounts,
and tell me which religion is "Superior " ??
Raja Chemayel
a christian whising the truth