Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Chosen
Chosen ?? .....
and what for ??

If the chosen people were to be
" an elite "
they were not.

If the chosen people were to be
 they were never .

If the chosen people were to be
" righteous "
they are not more nor less
than any others.

If the chosen people were
"superior "
they are really trying.... very hard !!

If the chosen people have had any
" specific mission "
they have , always , failed in it.

If the chosen people make the other peoples
as " non-chosen "
then, it is not God´s intentions.

God has chosen who ever beleives in him
and not only
"the-first-who-did-beleive-in-him ".
We are all chosen , supperior and righthous
if and when we act as God's children
ought to act !!
We can all share Palestine ,
if we do not enter it as  guest of the Palestinians, and not conquerers and the colonialists .......
but first the Palestinians must regain all their rights !!

Raja Chemayel
chosen to be fair, just and humble also.

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