Monday, August 16, 2010

A walk in the park......

 The "Amsterdamsebos".........Amsterdam's biggest Park

Gert Wilders........ Netherland's biggest clown.
I was jogging in a huge park , just outside Amsterdam.
And I thought I can carry my handgun ,as usual,  just in case......
After a while , I got lost in the woods
and I found out that Gert Wilders was ahead of me
and also lost his way........ and he  lost his Body-guards, too.
He stopped terrified and begged me
to show him the way out.....
Later he found out that I was wearing my gun
and then he went on his knees.
" Do not shoot me !!!
there is nothing wrong with Islam !!!
I was just collecting any votes from any Dutch idiot !!!....."
He said.
Wilders must have thought that i was a hired-gun,
who found him alone in the park .......and that I were going
to assassinate him......( as expected , any day now )
I just smiled and just put my hand under my jacket,
as if I were going to reach for my gun........
Wilders was sweating and shivering....
" OK !! OK I confess.....
I was planted by the Israeli Embassy to disrupt
the harmonious social coexistence between
the one million dutch-Muslims
and the main stream dutch population........ "
"Do not shoot !!"
Of course I was not going to shoot Gert Wilders
and then consequently to make a martyre out of a clown.....
I just wanted to spit in his face.......
But then again , I did not spit in face
because ,otherwise, if I would spit on him,
his value will double.
I just turned around...and left him
and I went to look for the way out of the park .
Eng .Moustafa   Roosenbloom
hired-killer.....except for the Clowns !!

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