Saturday, November 13, 2010

Six questions that will lead you to the assassins of Rafik el Harriri
if there is only one  Ass-hole.......on this planet
this is him !!!............ Herr Detlev Mellis.

Rafik el Harriri was assassinated for a reason
or for many different reasons.......
Find those reasons that will automatically lead you
the the assassins.

Do not  you loose your time in hasty accusations:
The USA and France accused Syria
Israel says it is Hezbollah  !!

Each one accuses , convieniently , his own enemy
so do I , and I always said.......... Israel  did it !!

But for the sake of honesty and integrity
and for the sake of a logical investigation ,
I would like to ask 6 questions
which answers will lead you to the murderers ,
by means of excluding the improbable and by  disregarding the illogic.

The assassins hated equally :
the Lebanon and Syria and Hezbollah , alltogether.
The assassins wanted the Syrian-army out of the Lebanon.
The assassins wanted to destabilise the Lebanon politically
and to re-frangmentate its social tissues.
The assassins wanted to sabotage or to paralyse
the economic-financial-dynamo of the Lebanon
who was Rafik el Harriri , himself.
The assassins wanted to install Hezbollah on the Terrorism-list
which Harriri has previously succeeded in stopping it .
The assassins have had no problems at all ,
with a weak and divided Lebanon.

The assassins planted those physical evidences on the ground
which  are there only to deviate and to erronate any investigations.
Therefore the classical ferensic investigations are doomed to give us
a wrong conclusion and the wrong accusations.

Find for yourself a suspect that fits at least four out of the six questions !!
(I have found one who fits all six of them..... guess who !!)

Do not proceed scientifically nor academicaly
just use only your logic !!

Raja  Chemayel
 you need not to be a genius
to be able to use the logic

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Road-Map for Peace
The road-map-trap !!

The road-map-to-Peace
is a map which no one has ever seen,
except George W. Bush...............and the Devil.

I have had the luck to look into my Cristal-ball
and I saw it .......

I shall describe it to you :

It has no direction pointing North
and the South is yet to be invented
while East and West never meet !!.
Roads start and the same points.
Jews have the priority whether coming from the left
or from the right side. Of course Ashkenazim-jews
have priority above the Sephardi-jews........etc....
Speed-limits apply only to Palestinians
who are not allowed to park anywhere.
Traffic lights  are on green when the settlers drive
and on red when journalists and reporters want to visit them.
If you enter into a roundabout , you cannot get out
unless you recognise the State of Zion , in advance .
The Scales on this map varies depending on who is using it.
Entrances are shown only to the Russians and Ethiopians
while the sign " Exit" is written only in Arabic.
You may read this text while thinking of the song:
"Hotel California".........

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
"welcome to the hotel Arabophobia.......such a lovely place !!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Uncle Eugene

A true story.
True Photo !!

Uncle Eugene with his wife
 Libushe ,the Baroness of Materjoff
(who is my wife´s Aunt)

We have just buried,last week, my wife´s aunt,
Libushe, at the age of 88 .
She has married in 1962 , to a Czech-Jewish Doctor, urologist.

When Hitler annexed Czechoslovakia,
my Father-in-law took that Doctor, my Uncle Eugene, out of Prague
to another town where he made him change his Jewish-name
into a Christian-name..........and register it  officialy,
later he moved him again to a third city
where he spent 2 months before returning back to Prague ,
with a new name , but the same face , of course.

The Nazis who were ruling Czechoslovakia could no more
trace and identify this jewish-brother-in-law  of my christian-father-in-law.

A Happy end to a story
who might have finished completely differently.

Why do I tell tell you this story ??

Simply to make my point , that Jews are not a Race
because any race is (optically) easily identifiable.
Any Jew in Europe is not different to his european-countrymen
nor are Arab-Jews different from the Arabs.

Even Adolf ,
the greatest anti-semite , could not differentiate Jews  from the rest,
therefore he asked everybody to fill in a form , in which a Jew
would voluntarily inform whether he is , or is not .........a Jew.
This form became the only basis for any later discrimination.

So Uncle Eugene , never filled that infamous form ,
never admited that he was a Jew and therefore lived normally
and died of old age,  in 1984......

So ,again , why do I tell you that story ??

Simply to confirm that Jews are not a race, nor a people, nor a nation
therefore they can no more claim to be the "chosen-people",
nor be anything else but members of a religion !

If Uncle Eugene  were a "chosen-person"
he could never have changed his racial-identity,
by changing only his name.

Uncle Eugene , escaped the horrors of he second world war
and was lucky ,also, to marry my wife´s aunt , who was
a very pretty-woman.......
So , Uncle Eugen was a double-lucky-Jew !!

Raja Chemayel

married to the nice-niece of the wife of a Jewish-Czech-Doctor-urologist
who never went to Palestine !!

PS :
The author is a Lebanese residing in the Netherlands
and married to a Czech...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Message to the Christians of the East

The Christians of the Middle East are targeted by the agents of Zionism
because they constitute the future bridge of understanding
between the Christian-West and the Islam of the Orient.

Nobody can explain Islam to the West , better than a Christian Arab.
The Christian-Arabs are the living witnesses to the tolerance of Islam.

The Christian-Arabs have been infiltrated
by fanatic-fascists like in the Lebanon
or by fanatic-idiots like in Egypt.........
all that just to plan and to plant, an artificial animosity with Islam.

In other places where Oriental-Christianity could not be infiltrated ,
for various reason,so the Christians are being martyred just like in Iraq
or Pakistan .

Whatever role Zionism is planing for the Christians of the East ,
it is macabre.

Christians of the East must be wiser
and must follow the paths of:
Antoun Saadeh
George Habash
Naef Hawatmeh
Gibran Khalil Gibran
Edward Saiid
Azmi Beshara
and indeed Gamal Abdel Nasser
Saddam Hussein and Tarek Aziz.

Jesus spoke (almost) Arabic
Jesus is considered a Muslim....... by Islam .

What else do you need ??
to realise that it is:
only one religion but with two interpretations

Raja Chemayel
I call my God , Allah !!