Saturday, November 13, 2010

Six questions that will lead you to the assassins of Rafik el Harriri
if there is only one  Ass-hole.......on this planet
this is him !!!............ Herr Detlev Mellis.

Rafik el Harriri was assassinated for a reason
or for many different reasons.......
Find those reasons that will automatically lead you
the the assassins.

Do not  you loose your time in hasty accusations:
The USA and France accused Syria
Israel says it is Hezbollah  !!

Each one accuses , convieniently , his own enemy
so do I , and I always said.......... Israel  did it !!

But for the sake of honesty and integrity
and for the sake of a logical investigation ,
I would like to ask 6 questions
which answers will lead you to the murderers ,
by means of excluding the improbable and by  disregarding the illogic.

The assassins hated equally :
the Lebanon and Syria and Hezbollah , alltogether.
The assassins wanted the Syrian-army out of the Lebanon.
The assassins wanted to destabilise the Lebanon politically
and to re-frangmentate its social tissues.
The assassins wanted to sabotage or to paralyse
the economic-financial-dynamo of the Lebanon
who was Rafik el Harriri , himself.
The assassins wanted to install Hezbollah on the Terrorism-list
which Harriri has previously succeeded in stopping it .
The assassins have had no problems at all ,
with a weak and divided Lebanon.

The assassins planted those physical evidences on the ground
which  are there only to deviate and to erronate any investigations.
Therefore the classical ferensic investigations are doomed to give us
a wrong conclusion and the wrong accusations.

Find for yourself a suspect that fits at least four out of the six questions !!
(I have found one who fits all six of them..... guess who !!)

Do not proceed scientifically nor academicaly
just use only your logic !!

Raja  Chemayel
 you need not to be a genius
to be able to use the logic