Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Uncle Eugene

A true story.
True Photo !!

Uncle Eugene with his wife
 Libushe ,the Baroness of Materjoff
(who is my wife´s Aunt)

We have just buried,last week, my wife´s aunt,
Libushe, at the age of 88 .
She has married in 1962 , to a Czech-Jewish Doctor, urologist.

When Hitler annexed Czechoslovakia,
my Father-in-law took that Doctor, my Uncle Eugene, out of Prague
to another town where he made him change his Jewish-name
into a Christian-name..........and register it  officialy,
later he moved him again to a third city
where he spent 2 months before returning back to Prague ,
with a new name , but the same face , of course.

The Nazis who were ruling Czechoslovakia could no more
trace and identify this jewish-brother-in-law  of my christian-father-in-law.

A Happy end to a story
who might have finished completely differently.

Why do I tell tell you this story ??

Simply to make my point , that Jews are not a Race
because any race is (optically) easily identifiable.
Any Jew in Europe is not different to his european-countrymen
nor are Arab-Jews different from the Arabs.

Even Adolf ,
the greatest anti-semite , could not differentiate Jews  from the rest,
therefore he asked everybody to fill in a form , in which a Jew
would voluntarily inform whether he is , or is not .........a Jew.
This form became the only basis for any later discrimination.

So Uncle Eugene , never filled that infamous form ,
never admited that he was a Jew and therefore lived normally
and died of old age,  in 1984......

So ,again , why do I tell you that story ??

Simply to confirm that Jews are not a race, nor a people, nor a nation
therefore they can no more claim to be the "chosen-people",
nor be anything else but members of a religion !

If Uncle Eugene  were a "chosen-person"
he could never have changed his racial-identity,
by changing only his name.

Uncle Eugene , escaped the horrors of he second world war
and was lucky ,also, to marry my wife´s aunt , who was
a very pretty-woman.......
So , Uncle Eugen was a double-lucky-Jew !!

Raja Chemayel

married to the nice-niece of the wife of a Jewish-Czech-Doctor-urologist
who never went to Palestine !!

PS :
The author is a Lebanese residing in the Netherlands
and married to a Czech...

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