Monday, November 8, 2010

Message to the Christians of the East

The Christians of the Middle East are targeted by the agents of Zionism
because they constitute the future bridge of understanding
between the Christian-West and the Islam of the Orient.

Nobody can explain Islam to the West , better than a Christian Arab.
The Christian-Arabs are the living witnesses to the tolerance of Islam.

The Christian-Arabs have been infiltrated
by fanatic-fascists like in the Lebanon
or by fanatic-idiots like in Egypt.........
all that just to plan and to plant, an artificial animosity with Islam.

In other places where Oriental-Christianity could not be infiltrated ,
for various reason,so the Christians are being martyred just like in Iraq
or Pakistan .

Whatever role Zionism is planing for the Christians of the East ,
it is macabre.

Christians of the East must be wiser
and must follow the paths of:
Antoun Saadeh
George Habash
Naef Hawatmeh
Gibran Khalil Gibran
Edward Saiid
Azmi Beshara
and indeed Gamal Abdel Nasser
Saddam Hussein and Tarek Aziz.

Jesus spoke (almost) Arabic
Jesus is considered a Muslim....... by Islam .

What else do you need ??
to realise that it is:
only one religion but with two interpretations

Raja Chemayel
I call my God , Allah !!

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