Friday, January 14, 2011

a Message for those who fear Al Shari´aa

The Bordeaux , shall not fear.....

Al Shari'aa is ,not more nor less ,
than a religious-law governing the way Muslim-persons
must go about with their daily lives and how to interact
with other Muslims and with the non-Muslims , as well.
This Shari'aa ,all by itself, requires and demands that
the non-Muslims should not be affected ( nor ruled)  by it.
Therefore the Shari'aa could never "harm" any non-muslim !!!.
I am writing those lines from Tehran,Iran
where I am having a nice dinner at an
Iranian-Armenian-christian- friends home.
We are drinking ( home made) wines
because the Shari'aa allows it ,
or better said ,it does not forbid
for Christians to make and to drink wine
or any other alcohol. ( only at home)
In other words ,
if ever the Shari'aa shall rule France , some day,
you would still find Bordeaux in Bordeaux
and the Calvados in Normandy.
Sherlock Hommos
Cheers !! from a cold Tehran.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Go back 3000 years.......

Go back in History for 1000 years,
then for 2000 years,
and again up to 3000 years....
You shall notice that Jerusalem
and also the whole of the Holy Lands
have enjoyed real Peace with the outside world
and also real-internal-social-Peace 
(and inter-religious-harmony and tolerance)
only when ruled by Islam or by a Muslim ruler.
Check it out ,
re-control what I have just wrote
and come back , if you wish.....
Raja Chemayel
not a historian nor a muslim
simply an potent-spectator.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The majority of the minorities.

Non-Arabs !!
(but they have Oil)
the Christians of Sudan were the minority
next month , with the separation ,
there will be a new-South-Soudan
in which the Muslims shall be the minority.
Imperial-UK has drown the borders of Soudan
and the today's-Imperial-democracies
shall draw the borders of the New-South-Soudan.
Once upon a time , the Imperial-France has
cut off Lebanon out from Syria
to create a country in which the Christians
shall be the majority.
Now and 60 years later , the Muslems have made
more children than the Christians
and France's dream is shrinking.
Indeed , and elsewhere ,
the Palestinians inside Israel (and under Israel)
have more children born, than Israel could kill,
and even more children than the Israelis could bear.
Imperial-Israel has build a wall to suffocate them
while Palestinians now breath via the tunnels of Gaza.
Back to Soudan ,
remind me , please ,  in April 2023 to check out
whether the Muslims of South-Soudan are still alive ??
and if so , should we not also create another separate state
called :
"the Muslim-State-within the Christian-State of the new-South-Soudan which once belonged to the British-invention-of-a Soudan - cut-off from the historical-Egypt "
Having said all that ,
I shall not miss the South of Soudan ,
nor shall I miss Kurdistan and surely not the Sate of Israel
all of them are not Arabs !! 
Raja Chemayel
an Arab

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Each day.........each US-Citizen.........8 cents !!!


The USA pumps 16 Million Dollars each day  into Israel.

Which means that each Israeli gets 4 dollars, per day
and that each American pays out 8 cents each day
for The State of Zion.

I assume that those Israeli citizens of Palestinian-origin
do not profit from those US donations,
therefore,  the average per each-Jewish-Israeli
must actually be 5 dollars per day per Israeli.
( 1.825 Dollars per year per Israeli)

Otherwise , we can count that :
Israel gets 666.667 Dollars each hour of the day
which makes 1.112 Dollars per second..

Which means that by the time
you have read this message completely
Israel became 14.456 Dollars richer.

If you are a US-citizen ,
may I suggest you demand that your US-government pays
your universal- health-insurance first
and secondly it pays the public-education
and if anything is left over ,
the remaining-money would be sent to the victims of Israel.......

Sherlock Hommos