Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The majority of the minorities.

Non-Arabs !!
(but they have Oil)
the Christians of Sudan were the minority
next month , with the separation ,
there will be a new-South-Soudan
in which the Muslims shall be the minority.
Imperial-UK has drown the borders of Soudan
and the today's-Imperial-democracies
shall draw the borders of the New-South-Soudan.
Once upon a time , the Imperial-France has
cut off Lebanon out from Syria
to create a country in which the Christians
shall be the majority.
Now and 60 years later , the Muslems have made
more children than the Christians
and France's dream is shrinking.
Indeed , and elsewhere ,
the Palestinians inside Israel (and under Israel)
have more children born, than Israel could kill,
and even more children than the Israelis could bear.
Imperial-Israel has build a wall to suffocate them
while Palestinians now breath via the tunnels of Gaza.
Back to Soudan ,
remind me , please ,  in April 2023 to check out
whether the Muslims of South-Soudan are still alive ??
and if so , should we not also create another separate state
called :
"the Muslim-State-within the Christian-State of the new-South-Soudan which once belonged to the British-invention-of-a Soudan - cut-off from the historical-Egypt "
Having said all that ,
I shall not miss the South of Soudan ,
nor shall I miss Kurdistan and surely not the Sate of Israel
all of them are not Arabs !! 
Raja Chemayel
an Arab

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