Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Persecution of Persia

Persia ,
when, Europe knew not yet how to write
and when the USA did not even exist.

Iran might sent it missiles to Tel Av iv , any day now......... ...
I hope it will not kill more Arabs than Israelis.
The bigger the explosion will be, the more Arabs will die.
There is no spot in Israel where it is "Arabs-free".....

Gaza has 1,5 million Arabs
Israel has about 1,1 million Arabs
the West Bank has 2 millions
Jerusalem has 300.000 Arabs- Palestinians

so where should Iran drop them ??

On the other side , when the USA and or Israel
shall send its Missiles and Bombs into Iran
the results will be more efficient, to the USA.

Therefore my feeling is that the USA and Israel
have more to win and more to gain ,
in that future-war.

Unless ,
Iran would rather bomb the Oil-fields in the Gulf
because I assume that the USA would rather defend its dear Oil
instead of defending Tell Aviv....or Ashkalon or Naharia..... .

Anyhow ,
who am I , to predict anything ??

Switch on your TV next Friday evening at 21.35 hrs GMT
John McCain will announce ,his own, war on Terrorism
and the Operation "Persecute Persia" will start.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Persian-Press- Predictor
12Th. of July 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

Tell him to go home !!

Philip the Arab,
Emperor of Rome

What is an Arab ?
Who are the Arabs ?

Today we are 21 countries-states-kingdoms and Princedoms

None of them has drawn its own borders
and not even two adjacent Arab-states have drawn
their in-between-common-borders.
All and each Arab-border-line was drawn
by France or by Britain .

The exception is Bahrain,
whose borders were drawn by nature itself .

The next-exception would be Palestine
where Israel is playing and cheating with the border-lines
which were originally French-English, anyhow.

Otherwise everywhere it is a classical case of

My grand father would have used a Turkish-passport,
but there were no passports in his time ,
neither did he travel anywhere.

My father went to study in the USA as a Syrian-citizen
and by the time he finished his studies, Lebanon was born
out of our mother-Syria ,
so my father became a Lebanese-citizen.
My father served in the Free-French-Army in Beirut
and my mother was born in 1921 in the Lebanon
so she has the right to a French-citizenship.

What ever passports we carry , we are all Arabs !!
and my broad-family carries 8 different passports
and live on four continents............
My children have 3 different passports.....
and I have 2.

But , what is an Arab and who is an Arab ??

You may read 10 books explaining what is Arab.
or simply see what I say , very shortly hereafter :

Arabs existed before Islam and even before Christianity
they share the three monotheistic-religions
they share common borders ( which they never did draw)
they share one language
they share one history
(since the seventh century ,the same enemies and same invaders)
they share one culture
(which they made by themselves and adapted from others)

You may call us :
one People , one culture, one Nation, one Land
and Palestine is our Geographical-hart
and Jerusalem is the first-capital of our faith.....

Should you meet an Israeli-citizen
who was only yesterday a Polish-citizen or a Russian
or a Peruvian or an Ethiopian-citizen,
tell him , please , to go home !!!

Raja Chemayel
an Arab
11 July 2008

We invaded Spain ........and left it 500 years later
better, wiser, richer, more tolerant and more enlightened.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Missing the anti-missiles-Missiles

There are missiles
and there are the anti-missiles, missiles

Israel has both ,
Israel has all of them........ ....
Thanks to the generosity of the USA
that never leaves any tyrant-oppressor- state , standing alone.

But sometimes "too much" of anything may become a problem.

I shall explain myself.

The Arab-air-forces was never a threat to Israel
The Arab-foot-warrior would be
and was indeed in many occasions.
What came lately were the Rockets ,
the Hezbollah-Rockets to be precise..
and the Hamas Rockets also.

We assume that a missile would cost around
75.000 dollars up to 350.000 dollars
on the other side an anti-missile would cost
50.000 dollars up to 200.000 dollars
when the Hezbollah-rockets cost between
only 2.500 dollars up to maximum of 75.000 dollars.
A Hamas-rocket cost 1.785 dollars only.

What happens when Hezbollah sends 500 rockets ?? per day.
Israel would have to send around 750 anti-missiles
to intercept them in the air.

Make your calculation. ......
what would it cost and what is the rate of the effectiveness.

What happens when Hezbollah sends 500 rockets during 12 days ??
Israel will have to use 9000 anti-missiles to stop them.
Imaging that on the 13Th. day Syria or Iran would send
a real-big-Missile or even 10 real-missiles on Israel.....
How many anti-missiles would Israel still have in stock ???
Would the US-Tax-Payers pay that much ??

Because to stop a cheap-Rocket or a real-big-Missile
it will cost Israel, the same anti-missile.

And to prove my analyses as correct ,
you will remember that during the Summer of 2006
Israel did not use its anti-missiles ........
although it used anything else ,
including the cluster-bombs !!

Israel must have read my thoughts, then,
or it really is cleverer.................. than me.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
falafel centre for strategic annalise's , of Annapolis
10Th of July 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The non-semetric-Terrorism

Any child ,
who shall not be shut-down ,here and now,
by this courageous-Israeli-soldiers
may probably become a Terrorist ,
some day, soon.

Any Israeli-soldier
who may shoot at Palestinian children ,
will some day, get a Medal ,
provided he is not using only rubber-bullets
whereby ,in that case ,
he gets only a tap-on-the-shoulders.

A Terrorist never gets any Medals
unless he is an Israeli-soldier.

How about
equipping the Palestinian-suicide-bombers
with hidden-rubber-bomb-belts ??
instead of those other heavy ones !!

How come ,
that the Palestinian-authority
does not have any Medals to distribute ??
and only Israel does have them ?....
it is a non-symmetric-terrorism !!

Sherlock Hommos

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Peace,Democracy and Freedom....

a tribute to
Ahmad Fouad Najm

my master, father and idol .

Subdue all Arab Regimes ,
bribe them and domesticate them.
Cheat on the Arab masses
abort any national-rights
suppress any freedom-aspirations
and then call it Peace

Invade any unwilling-country
threaten any challenging- country
starve any rising-economy
save any corrupt-system
and then call it Democracy

Hang our leaders
Bomb our schools
Train our jailers and secret-apparatus
Arm our Dictators, Kings and Princes
and then call it Liberty.

Pump-out our oil
and sell it back to us , as plastic
Steal our culture
and sell it back , as development.
Falsify our Bible and the Scriptures
and sell it back to us , as Israel.

Raja Chemayel
a midget , behind Ahmad Fouad Najm.

video/audio in Arabic

زيارة الا ضريح عبد الناصر
أحمد فؤاد نجم

Monday, July 7, 2008

When need be.....

Israel uses a Bulldozer to draw its border-lines
Israel uses Tanks to fight school-children
Israel uses F16 ,to re-write History
Israel uses Cherokee-fighter- helicopters to subdue Gaza farmers
Israel uses Anti-Semitism to practise its own apartheid
Israel uses the USA to invade and to destabilise Iraq
Israel uses the old-testament to establish a modern-state
Israel uses the Holocaust to justify its own massacres
Israel uses its Terror to fight the Freedom-fighters
Israel uses US-Tax-money to re-invest it in Africa and Eastern Europe
Israel uses German-war-compensa tions to build its prisons
Israel uses its spies in the USA to steal American-secret- technologies.
Israel uses the US Congress to control the White-House
Israel uses the US-Senate to steer the US-foreign-policies
Israel uses religion to create a nation

Israel uses imperialism and makes it even pay for it.....
Israel uses even Jesus ........... when need be !!

Raja Chemayel

Sunday, July 6, 2008

As the Years went by...

Geronimo , the

As the years went by
the Lies became the truth
the Truth became a fugitive

Those who told the truth ended up in prisons
and those who lied,
ended up on Airforce One

As the years go by
I get more grey hair
and the Refugees get more despair
they waited after that
"peace of brave"
for the
"peace beyond his grave".....

As the years go by
that Wall will asphyxiate us
it blocks the view on the Truth,
it hides the ugliness of the occupation
it divides
the Occupied-land, from the Stolen-land .

As the years go by
Saddam* is now labelled as terrorist
Colonel Qaddafi became a new "friend of the west "

Arafat* ended-up as the only Terrorist
to ever obtain a Nobel Peace Prize.
With all due respect to D. Henry Kissinger
who cleverly escaped this title....of terrorist

Arafat* , the only Terrorist buried "live"
direct on CNN,ABC,BBC NBC,etc...
one day after CIA finished the "operation".

Ariel Sharon* remained the only
who is still unpunished
even still very active .

As the years went by
Palestine is shrinking

Humanity is vanishing

Rights are Bulldozed

Bushes' are reelected

Iraq is invaded

Pollution is legalised

Economical-hegemony is
globally institutionalised
even an election in Ukraine
became Colin Powell's business.
next stop...Moscow !!

Raja Chemayel
Speech-writer for
Dr. Sherlock Hommos , PHD

29th November 2004

on the day, I wrote it , Arafat and Hussein were still alive
while today , only Sharon is alive !!
and Bush has won his war in Iraq............

6Th.July 2008