Thursday, July 10, 2008

Missing the anti-missiles-Missiles

There are missiles
and there are the anti-missiles, missiles

Israel has both ,
Israel has all of them........ ....
Thanks to the generosity of the USA
that never leaves any tyrant-oppressor- state , standing alone.

But sometimes "too much" of anything may become a problem.

I shall explain myself.

The Arab-air-forces was never a threat to Israel
The Arab-foot-warrior would be
and was indeed in many occasions.
What came lately were the Rockets ,
the Hezbollah-Rockets to be precise..
and the Hamas Rockets also.

We assume that a missile would cost around
75.000 dollars up to 350.000 dollars
on the other side an anti-missile would cost
50.000 dollars up to 200.000 dollars
when the Hezbollah-rockets cost between
only 2.500 dollars up to maximum of 75.000 dollars.
A Hamas-rocket cost 1.785 dollars only.

What happens when Hezbollah sends 500 rockets ?? per day.
Israel would have to send around 750 anti-missiles
to intercept them in the air.

Make your calculation. ......
what would it cost and what is the rate of the effectiveness.

What happens when Hezbollah sends 500 rockets during 12 days ??
Israel will have to use 9000 anti-missiles to stop them.
Imaging that on the 13Th. day Syria or Iran would send
a real-big-Missile or even 10 real-missiles on Israel.....
How many anti-missiles would Israel still have in stock ???
Would the US-Tax-Payers pay that much ??

Because to stop a cheap-Rocket or a real-big-Missile
it will cost Israel, the same anti-missile.

And to prove my analyses as correct ,
you will remember that during the Summer of 2006
Israel did not use its anti-missiles ........
although it used anything else ,
including the cluster-bombs !!

Israel must have read my thoughts, then,
or it really is cleverer.................. than me.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
falafel centre for strategic annalise's , of Annapolis
10Th of July 2008

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