Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Peace,Democracy and Freedom....

a tribute to
Ahmad Fouad Najm

my master, father and idol .

Subdue all Arab Regimes ,
bribe them and domesticate them.
Cheat on the Arab masses
abort any national-rights
suppress any freedom-aspirations
and then call it Peace

Invade any unwilling-country
threaten any challenging- country
starve any rising-economy
save any corrupt-system
and then call it Democracy

Hang our leaders
Bomb our schools
Train our jailers and secret-apparatus
Arm our Dictators, Kings and Princes
and then call it Liberty.

Pump-out our oil
and sell it back to us , as plastic
Steal our culture
and sell it back , as development.
Falsify our Bible and the Scriptures
and sell it back to us , as Israel.

Raja Chemayel
a midget , behind Ahmad Fouad Najm.

video/audio in Arabic

زيارة الا ضريح عبد الناصر
أحمد فؤاد نجم

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