Sunday, July 6, 2008

As the Years went by...

Geronimo , the

As the years went by
the Lies became the truth
the Truth became a fugitive

Those who told the truth ended up in prisons
and those who lied,
ended up on Airforce One

As the years go by
I get more grey hair
and the Refugees get more despair
they waited after that
"peace of brave"
for the
"peace beyond his grave".....

As the years go by
that Wall will asphyxiate us
it blocks the view on the Truth,
it hides the ugliness of the occupation
it divides
the Occupied-land, from the Stolen-land .

As the years go by
Saddam* is now labelled as terrorist
Colonel Qaddafi became a new "friend of the west "

Arafat* ended-up as the only Terrorist
to ever obtain a Nobel Peace Prize.
With all due respect to D. Henry Kissinger
who cleverly escaped this title....of terrorist

Arafat* , the only Terrorist buried "live"
direct on CNN,ABC,BBC NBC,etc...
one day after CIA finished the "operation".

Ariel Sharon* remained the only
who is still unpunished
even still very active .

As the years went by
Palestine is shrinking

Humanity is vanishing

Rights are Bulldozed

Bushes' are reelected

Iraq is invaded

Pollution is legalised

Economical-hegemony is
globally institutionalised
even an election in Ukraine
became Colin Powell's business.
next stop...Moscow !!

Raja Chemayel
Speech-writer for
Dr. Sherlock Hommos , PHD

29th November 2004

on the day, I wrote it , Arafat and Hussein were still alive
while today , only Sharon is alive !!
and Bush has won his war in Iraq............

6Th.July 2008

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