Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The non-semetric-Terrorism

Any child ,
who shall not be shut-down ,here and now,
by this courageous-Israeli-soldiers
may probably become a Terrorist ,
some day, soon.

Any Israeli-soldier
who may shoot at Palestinian children ,
will some day, get a Medal ,
provided he is not using only rubber-bullets
whereby ,in that case ,
he gets only a tap-on-the-shoulders.

A Terrorist never gets any Medals
unless he is an Israeli-soldier.

How about
equipping the Palestinian-suicide-bombers
with hidden-rubber-bomb-belts ??
instead of those other heavy ones !!

How come ,
that the Palestinian-authority
does not have any Medals to distribute ??
and only Israel does have them ?....
it is a non-symmetric-terrorism !!

Sherlock Hommos

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