Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dr. F. Toeben

A truth-seeker,
even in a prison !!!

Revisionists who doubt or deny the Holocaust
end up in a prison......

Galileo who told them that the World is round
ended up without his head

Americo Vespotity told them India is not America
ended up as a Hero of science.(100 years later)

Where and how , shall end up all those
who denied Al Nakba ???

Where and how , shall end up all those
who deny the victims of Al Nakba ???

Where and how , shall end up all the
perpetrators of Al Nakba ??

Raja Chemayel

I do not deny the Holocaust,
but I doubt its size....

Friday, May 22, 2009

The only "democracy" on Cuba


is the only spot

on the island of Cuba

where the


is still practised !!!

(all the rest of that island

is full of Salsa and Socialism ,

of free-hospitals and free-schools , too)

Raja Chemayel

Without the FBI.......

a terrorist
disguised as a US- president
Very recently 5 Muslims-persons in the USA
were caught preparing to bomb a Synagogue.
4 were US citizens
and the fifth was from the Caribbeans.
But ,
all five of them were recruited, fooled ,
motivated, trained and armed
by the FBI under-cover- agents... ....
Conclusion :
" Without the FBI ,
we would not have any terrorists !! "
Sherlock Hommos

Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Change" the Obama way.

President Obama has promised us
a "change"
so he could have ,for example,
changed the name of the
" Guantanamo-torture- centre "

but no,Sir !!

the name (Guantanamo) will not change ,
only the address shall ,
because the hostages-prisoners
will be ,now, relocated in the USA

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Relocation officer

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who is a spy ?? and who is not ??

Few things in life are logic
and less so in the politics
but the worst must be :
in the
logic of the Lebanese-political- life
The Harriri-government known as the Siniora-Government
has its own private ,special, independent secret-services
which not a state-secret- police , nor a military-informatio n-department
nor a national-security agency , nor a contra-espionage entity.....
No Sir !!!
it is very special , unique and almost private force
collecting information' s , not about Israel of course
but about the greatest-threat- to-Israel , which is
the Lebanese resistance !!!
what makes this force more "special"is that it is not a secret ,
that the CIA & MI6 plus DSG are assisting it.........
Meaning any information they would collect in Beirut
lands , the next day, on a desk in Washington,London or Paris....
In other words , a spying agency on its own people
assisted by at least three foreign-intelligences- agencies
Which in my book , is called a Spy-agency.
and I guess that in Chinese it must also must be called the same .
On the other hand , we are celebrating in the Lebanon
the dismantling of several other Israeli-spy- rings....
It is a success indeed and we are also proud of it
but let us not fool ourselves !!!
Because Hariri-Siniora and the fascists coalition
should also dismantle that so called "Government- agency"
first and foremost.... which is simply are a
uniformed-official- foreign-agents ,
serving a third country,(or countries)
not the Lebanon.
There are Terrorists with or without uniforms
there also are Spies with or without uniform !!!
Sherlock Hommos
never tell a spy !!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

What if there was never a Bomber ??

Drawings, by Ben Heine
Hallucinations, by Raja Chemayel

A wall stretches all the way ,between ,
the Stolen Land and the Occupied Land .
It separates the angry enslaved
from their arrogant masters.
It hides the miseries of one side
and hides the barbarism of the other.
This we all know ,
but what is striking and more than obvious
is that this huge wall has stopped 99%
"of those Suicide Bombers ".
What has happened ?? que passa ??
wass ist loss ??? wat is er gebuurt ?? etc...
Can a suicide-bomber not climb-up
a 6 meters wall ??
can he not walk around it ??
or simply to dig a tunnel under it ??
Strange matter indeed Dear Watson !!
This first assumption is not valid as it does not stand
against the deductive-logic ,
because, a suicide bomber shall not be bothered
by a wall.......
he (or she) could even blow a hole in that wall....
Something is bothering me , My dear Watson !!!
A wall has two sides ,
and each argument has also a minimum of two sides...
What if ,
the Bombers never have had to cross that wall ??
What if ,
the Bombers resided on the same side where
they executed their operations ???
What if ,
to make it simpler, the Bomber was an Israeli
(or an Israeli agent)
he was someone who has had not to cross any wall ??
What if ,
there was never a Bomber but only a Bomb ??
What if ,
the Bombs were planted only in order
to justify the wall ??
And now that this wall stands ,
they need no more Bombers ??
What if ,
the Wall and the Bombers
have had the same Architect ??
I doubt that a Wall ,
regardless how high or how long it could be,
would stop any Bomber , suicidal or not !!
Think about it My Dear Watson ,
and pass on the milk for my tea.....please
Sherlock Hommos
Backer Str.
Phone : 00 44 208 045 256 369

Sunday, May 17, 2009

How many ??????

Plato, was lucky
he never had to read this...
How many US politicians can place Sudan
on an African map ?? (without borders and names.)
How many Arab politicians could place Darfour
inside a Sudanese map ??
How many of us do know the difference between
a Darfourian and a Nubean ??
How many countries shall cooperate with the US
and soon , invade Sudan ??
How many regimes once believed Bush and Blair
and did also invade Iraq ??
How many countries and regimes boycotted Hamas
after that only democratic and fair Election ??
How many regimes sold weapons to Saddam
and then came back later to destroy them ??
How many anti-semitic- societies and nations
always support the State of Israel ,
to be sure that Jews will not come back to them ??
Raja Chemayel