Sunday, May 17, 2009

How many ??????

Plato, was lucky
he never had to read this...
How many US politicians can place Sudan
on an African map ?? (without borders and names.)
How many Arab politicians could place Darfour
inside a Sudanese map ??
How many of us do know the difference between
a Darfourian and a Nubean ??
How many countries shall cooperate with the US
and soon , invade Sudan ??
How many regimes once believed Bush and Blair
and did also invade Iraq ??
How many countries and regimes boycotted Hamas
after that only democratic and fair Election ??
How many regimes sold weapons to Saddam
and then came back later to destroy them ??
How many anti-semitic- societies and nations
always support the State of Israel ,
to be sure that Jews will not come back to them ??
Raja Chemayel

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