Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who is a spy ?? and who is not ??

Few things in life are logic
and less so in the politics
but the worst must be :
in the
logic of the Lebanese-political- life
The Harriri-government known as the Siniora-Government
has its own private ,special, independent secret-services
which not a state-secret- police , nor a military-informatio n-department
nor a national-security agency , nor a contra-espionage entity.....
No Sir !!!
it is very special , unique and almost private force
collecting information' s , not about Israel of course
but about the greatest-threat- to-Israel , which is
the Lebanese resistance !!!
what makes this force more "special"is that it is not a secret ,
that the CIA & MI6 plus DSG are assisting it.........
Meaning any information they would collect in Beirut
lands , the next day, on a desk in Washington,London or Paris....
In other words , a spying agency on its own people
assisted by at least three foreign-intelligences- agencies
Which in my book , is called a Spy-agency.
and I guess that in Chinese it must also must be called the same .
On the other hand , we are celebrating in the Lebanon
the dismantling of several other Israeli-spy- rings....
It is a success indeed and we are also proud of it
but let us not fool ourselves !!!
Because Hariri-Siniora and the fascists coalition
should also dismantle that so called "Government- agency"
first and foremost.... which is simply are a
uniformed-official- foreign-agents ,
serving a third country,(or countries)
not the Lebanon.
There are Terrorists with or without uniforms
there also are Spies with or without uniform !!!
Sherlock Hommos
never tell a spy !!!

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