Monday, May 18, 2009

What if there was never a Bomber ??

Drawings, by Ben Heine
Hallucinations, by Raja Chemayel

A wall stretches all the way ,between ,
the Stolen Land and the Occupied Land .
It separates the angry enslaved
from their arrogant masters.
It hides the miseries of one side
and hides the barbarism of the other.
This we all know ,
but what is striking and more than obvious
is that this huge wall has stopped 99%
"of those Suicide Bombers ".
What has happened ?? que passa ??
wass ist loss ??? wat is er gebuurt ?? etc...
Can a suicide-bomber not climb-up
a 6 meters wall ??
can he not walk around it ??
or simply to dig a tunnel under it ??
Strange matter indeed Dear Watson !!
This first assumption is not valid as it does not stand
against the deductive-logic ,
because, a suicide bomber shall not be bothered
by a wall.......
he (or she) could even blow a hole in that wall....
Something is bothering me , My dear Watson !!!
A wall has two sides ,
and each argument has also a minimum of two sides...
What if ,
the Bombers never have had to cross that wall ??
What if ,
the Bombers resided on the same side where
they executed their operations ???
What if ,
to make it simpler, the Bomber was an Israeli
(or an Israeli agent)
he was someone who has had not to cross any wall ??
What if ,
there was never a Bomber but only a Bomb ??
What if ,
the Bombs were planted only in order
to justify the wall ??
And now that this wall stands ,
they need no more Bombers ??
What if ,
the Wall and the Bombers
have had the same Architect ??
I doubt that a Wall ,
regardless how high or how long it could be,
would stop any Bomber , suicidal or not !!
Think about it My Dear Watson ,
and pass on the milk for my tea.....please
Sherlock Hommos
Backer Str.
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