Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why Bahrain ? and not Kuwait nor Lybia.

He never came to Bahrain......
(until today!)

Why Bahrain ??
and not any of its all twin sisters:
Qatar,Kuwait.Oman, and the Emirates  ??

Because Bahrain is the only of those mini-artificial-state
which has an indigenous-working-class , while
all others have an imported-working-class.

The other Gulf-states cannot have any demonstrations
nor uprising nor insurgency , let alone any popular revolution.....
because all active-opposition would be put on planes
and deported to India,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Philippines,

Bahrain is the nearest to a normal-state-nation
because it has its own working class !!
what comrade Vladimir Illish Lenin calls :

In Libya the proletariat was pushed-up  to the status of "bourgeoisie"
that would like ,today, to chase away............their  own emancipator .

Kuwait has had no emancipator ,nor any indigenous-proletariat,
just.......... an absolute-ruler.

Sherlock Hommos, PhD 

Friday, April 15, 2011

The city of Banghazi and those Weapons of Mass Distraction

We were told recently
that the invasion of Benghazi were imminent.
Therefore....... the USA intervened promptly
to avoid any  massacres........
and was later followed by the NATO.

Fine with me , but !!
To invade a one million inhabitant city ,as Benghazi,
you need 340 tanks
500 armoured personal carriers
1.320 artillery pieces
and about 200.000 soldiers
(plus about 323 Blond-Bulgarian-nurses)

I did not see any of them !!,
nor did BBC and CNN and Aljazeera
show us.......

Could it be that they all were well hidden ??? ,
like those "Weapons " of Saddam !!

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom

Thursday, April 14, 2011

a precedent to socialism and to justice

The son of Husny was arrested.
and was tried immediately by a revolutionary tribunal.
The verdict was " Guilty " and he was sentenced
to have his head cut-off .

The hangman took the son by the river Nile
and stood on the docks of a small fisher´s harbour,
getting ready for the ceremony.......

At that moment ,
a fisherman comes and asks the hangman :
" why to cut off his head and throwing him in the Nile ?
it will be useless  for Egypt !! "

The hangman said:
" What else could we do , with him ???
what else can he do ??
he is the son of an Arab-President
he cannot work anything proper nor fruitful "

and the fisherman said :
" leave him with me , I shall teach him how to work
and to be useful to the society.
He shall wake-up early each day and go fishing at sunrise.
Then he comes back and clean the fishes ,
take them to the market , sell them,
make some honest money , come back home
and buy food for my children.
Then he could cook , clean the house
and then wash the boat and make it ready for the next day.
Like all honest working-people do.....each day, since Akhnaton "

The hangman replied to the fisherman :
" Let me think it over , go now ......
and do come back tomorrow, for my answer"

The son of Husny who has heard this conversation,
looked up to the hangman and said :
" do not think too much about this silly proposal,
it is too utopic !!
just do your job and cut-off my head  !!
we do not want, after all, 
to create a precedent to socialism and  to justice "

Raja Chemayel
" HAKAWATEH "  fairy-tales-teller .....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the meaning of " Mafia"

The  definition of " MAFIA " :
" A group of organised-criminals-persons  committing crimes ,
which benefit their own group ,
to the detriment of other innocent-persons "

The common knowledge accuses the Sicilians to be Mafia
but , indeed , a Mafia could be of any nation or any race or any religion.

Alaskan-taxi-drivers could form a Mafia
Venitian-Vegetarians could form a Mafia
Belgian-philanthropists could form a Mafia
Theatre-owners could form a Mafia
Oil-Companies could form a Mafia
Zionists are already a (rich) Mafia

Sherlock Hommos
promoter of wider-meaning-of-thing

Monday, April 11, 2011

Zoro is welcome in Paris.....
Not forbidden in France

Today in France enters a new Law
forbidding the veil for the Muslim-women.

I wonder if a Christian woman (or even a christian man)
could wear that same Muslim veil.

I will be in Paris on next  April 23rd.
and I might wear my sky-mask.

Sherlock Hommos

a mask can hide a face, but not faith !!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

In the name of......another name.
then, meant enslaving other humans
to build a land they stole from ,also ,other humans.

In the past 350 years
the Western-World
invaded and occupied
and colonised 2/3 of this Globe........
all that happened,
 in the name of
Christianity and of the Christianising of others.

Today,  they do the same ,but,
in the name of Democracy and Democratising
or eventually in the name of "Human-rights".

Ask ,please, Bernard Koushner....

They could not christianise the Muslim-world
because all the Muslims believed, anyhow, in the same Jesus Christ,
so now they want, to democratise-the-Muslim-world.

Hoping that the Muslim-world shall soon obey the rule
and the reign of the Talmud.

Raja Chemayel

a Christian-Muslim and a democrat-Arab