Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why Bahrain ? and not Kuwait nor Lybia.

He never came to Bahrain......
(until today!)

Why Bahrain ??
and not any of its all twin sisters:
Qatar,Kuwait.Oman, and the Emirates  ??

Because Bahrain is the only of those mini-artificial-state
which has an indigenous-working-class , while
all others have an imported-working-class.

The other Gulf-states cannot have any demonstrations
nor uprising nor insurgency , let alone any popular revolution.....
because all active-opposition would be put on planes
and deported to India,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Philippines,

Bahrain is the nearest to a normal-state-nation
because it has its own working class !!
what comrade Vladimir Illish Lenin calls :

In Libya the proletariat was pushed-up  to the status of "bourgeoisie"
that would like ,today, to chase away............their  own emancipator .

Kuwait has had no emancipator ,nor any indigenous-proletariat,
just.......... an absolute-ruler.

Sherlock Hommos, PhD 

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