Thursday, April 14, 2011

a precedent to socialism and to justice

The son of Husny was arrested.
and was tried immediately by a revolutionary tribunal.
The verdict was " Guilty " and he was sentenced
to have his head cut-off .

The hangman took the son by the river Nile
and stood on the docks of a small fisher´s harbour,
getting ready for the ceremony.......

At that moment ,
a fisherman comes and asks the hangman :
" why to cut off his head and throwing him in the Nile ?
it will be useless  for Egypt !! "

The hangman said:
" What else could we do , with him ???
what else can he do ??
he is the son of an Arab-President
he cannot work anything proper nor fruitful "

and the fisherman said :
" leave him with me , I shall teach him how to work
and to be useful to the society.
He shall wake-up early each day and go fishing at sunrise.
Then he comes back and clean the fishes ,
take them to the market , sell them,
make some honest money , come back home
and buy food for my children.
Then he could cook , clean the house
and then wash the boat and make it ready for the next day.
Like all honest working-people do.....each day, since Akhnaton "

The hangman replied to the fisherman :
" Let me think it over , go now ......
and do come back tomorrow, for my answer"

The son of Husny who has heard this conversation,
looked up to the hangman and said :
" do not think too much about this silly proposal,
it is too utopic !!
just do your job and cut-off my head  !!
we do not want, after all, 
to create a precedent to socialism and  to justice "

Raja Chemayel
" HAKAWATEH "  fairy-tales-teller .....

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