Thursday, December 31, 2009

My special wishe for 2010

2010 is a year like any other
do not expect much out of it, because....
already ,
Obama started loosing his original colour
Iran is still accused of  its legal-intentions
Gaza is isolated and insulated and quarantined

2010........ .is but another year
in this cascade of the lost days....but,
If by Miracle the Peace shall come
Israel shall buried it under those Settlements
if by another Miracle, Democracy in Iraq, shall be re-born
it is eroded by nepotism and sectarianism
and if the Taliban are to eliminated,
then the Opium-lords shall simply replace them .

in 2010 .....
I have one special wish,   because..... .
neither Democracy nor Peace nor Freedom
are around the corner:

So , I wish to assist to the funerals and to the burial of Ariel Sharon
because he has been now in intensive-care since 5 years, already
and it cost so much electricity- power just to keep him artificially alive.


Besides all that waist of energy on him ,
in the last 5 years he did not make any widows nor make any orphans
nor anything Zionistically- acceptable.

So what is the use to keeping an Israeli alive
when he is no more killing nor stealing ??

In 2010 ,
I want to watch Ariel´s funerals
not that I do regret his death ,
as much as, I chiefly regret his birth !!!

But Israel is now ashamed
even to burry its  own National-Hero
ashamed to burry its true face !!

wishing all of you a :

A Happy and Healthy
and Just

Raja Chemayel
Sherlock Hommos,PhD
Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

" Ich habe es nicht gewusst !"


Adolf´s personal-body- guard ,
had never heard of the concentrations- camps .
"Ich habe es nicht gewusst"
translation :
"I did not know it "
At the end of the second world war
when the secrets about the Concentrations Camps
were becoming a wide public knowledge... .
Many Germans and also the right-wing-European s
said : Ich habe es nicht gewusst !!
In the year 2014 when Husny Mubarak
shall stand trial for his deeds
he shall say to the ruling judge :
Ana ma kontish baaraf haga !!
which means :
Ich habe es nicht gewusst !!
which means :
I did know anything about Gaza´s suffering
which means :
History cannot judge the accomplice of Nathaniahu
which means :
the dog of the hangman..... ... can also be innocent ..
By the way ,
Hitler´s Body-Guard who was with him ,
even until the Berlin-Bunker- episode ,
and was even operating the direct and personal
telephone of Adolf
also said :
Ich habe es nicht gewusst !!
and so he got only 10 years prison, in Russia.
 this Body-Guard was married
to a Jewish-German- Lady
and he also said ; "  I did not know it "
that his own wife was a Jew.
Just in case Husny Mubarak really  "does not know"
could the Mole  reading , regularly, my mail
pass it on to Husny ??
Please do that !!
............  Thank you Joe !!
Raja Chemayel
trying today to sky in the Alps,looking for the snow
but I did not know about the Global-Warming
so I am boring the Hotel Barmaid with my jokes....all afternoon. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Road to Gaza

Different ways to transport the goods to Gaza


Thousands of world activists are trying to reach Gaza
with about a thousand tons of humanitarian-emergency-goods.

There is a dilemma, here,  for the Masters of the game :

If those activist are forbidden to reach Gaza
it will prove that the Egyptian Regime is a dirty-dictatorship
and equally that it is an inhumane one......
and also that it qualifies for treason.

If they reach Gaza , somehow , it will remind to the world that
one and a half Million civilians were starved,deprived and besieged.
Which will reconfirm the nature of the Sate of Israel .

If it were a Hollywood film ,
then the happy ending would come
whereas Moses  succeeds in crossing the Sinai-desert ,
like those activists could do, and that Mubarak shall drawn in the Red-Sea
like his predecessors did .

But today Hollywood has less to say , or to do.....
so the end-scenario comes from Tel Aviv :

1- all activists must come via Israel and consume 3 nights
    in Israeli hotels , restaurants and Taxis.
2- they may do their shopping only of Israeli-produced-humanitarian-goods
3- they may deposit those goods at the Gaza-Israel-borders only
    where a 14% export duties shall be paid and 16% V.A..T tax
    and a surplus of 32 % as transportation-fees.
4- once the goods reach inside Gaza , the priority  with the distribution
    shall be given to the informers of Israel , still stationed there.

The "happy end "
shall consist in the fact that Mubarak shall not drawn
and Netanyahu shall get the Nobel Peace Prize.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
customs-clearing-agent at Eretz.

You should ask for a Tax-refund !!

My Crown-Princess Maxima
this is were (or to whom) my taxes go to.
How about yours ???
Those readers who pay their taxes in the USA
ought to ask for a Refund...... !!
due to unsatisfactory services !!
or even due to non-rendered services !!
Those readers who do not pay their taxes to Uncle Sam
may sit back relax and have a good laugh .......Like me .
The Homeland Security Agency
has had that Nigerian Young-man of the Delta Airline-Detroit
on its list of suspect which could be uploaded from any
embassy computer or even from Airline Computers.
The USA Embassy in Nigeria
received a pre-warning from the father of the Hijacker
who is not just anybody , but was an ex-minister
and is the Chairman of a well respected bank.
And we all know the end of this story......
Anyhow I pay my taxes to a nice Queen
with a prettier Daughter in Law ,
so I need not to complain.
But US Citizens surely ought to claim a tax-refund !!
Or the USA ought to cancel all the Visas to people
with a Muslim name, or Arabic-name
or even to Yemen-Jews , Iraqi-Jews and to Moroccan-Jews
(who kept their arabic-names) .
Or simply , any person who is darker than George Cluny !!
Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
Half-Yemenee , Half-chosen
PS :
The author lives in the Netherlands
and pays his taxes , on time and in full
but not necessarely with a smile !

Monday, December 28, 2009

Against all the CIA instructions-manuals.
Al Qua´eeda washed its hands from this one !!

The International- head-office of Al Qua´eeda
(based in Langley , Virginia)
has denied any relation with the Detroit plane bombing.

It seems that the hijacker Mr. Omar Abdulmutaled
has not paid paid his membership-fees , since 7 months ,
and that is the reasons why he does not count
as Qua´eeda-member any more.

Besides all that  Mr. Omar has tried to blow up
that plane only some minutes before the landing ,
while ,he has had enough time to do it above the Atlantic
where no help could reach them.....and no Media too !!

Thus ,
this would be another reason to repudiate his membership ,
because it is also against all the CIA-operations- instruction- manuals.

Having said that , and setting all the jokes on the side ,
may I enquire why any person who is already
on " the list of suspects
", gets an American Visa ??
and also why any person already on the list of suspects, and
whose own father has denounced him at the USA- Embassy
gets a Visa and even a seat on the plane to the USA ????

It is holidays time ,
and the people watch a lot of  TV, now,
so at least ....this timing was ok !!!

Sherlock Hommos


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rap...rap , all the first Rap-poem !

When will that acrobat from Rabat

stop pretending to having a piece from Oslo
instead of having any Peace ,
in spite of Oslo.


All is well
that does  end up in Hell
therefore let us not believe in what says Israel
and rather watch the miseries in series
of the deprivations of the a nation.

I tell you , Hamas got class
and M. Abbas ,
may anytime, kiss my ass.

Rap , rap and a double-rap
we all shall resist
and face those fascists-Zionists

Rap , rap and a triple rap
let us lean on Jennin
to close the truth- gap

Rap , rap and another rap
let us all , recall ,
what happened to the other wall.

Rap , rap and no more crap
we are the indigenous, the notorious,
the genuine and the religious
and they are not !!.

Lyrics by :
Raja Chemayel,
rappist and not rapist .
Music by :
Sherlock Hommos , PhD
The Bhamdoun Philarmonic Orchestra
Vocalist :
Moustafa Roosenbloom , Tenor

Thursday, December 24, 2009

It is Christmas
A Utopian-situation
drawn on the wall surrounding Bethlehem

It is Christmas
Bethlehem is surrounded by a Wall
Gaza breathes via its tunnels
Kabul drowns in its own corruption
Baghdad´s Green-Zone has also a Wall
while it breathes only corruption.

It is Christmas
30 Million poor-Americans get finally a health-insurance
while Israelis who do all already have health-care,
get 20 Billion Dollars promised for their deficit budgets.

It is Christmas
Jesus,Mary and Joseph are locked inside Bethlehem
they cannot   take refuge in Egypt , neither
because Mubarak has closed the borders in Rafah.

It is Christmas ,
The Whitehouse has a White-Christmas with a Black-President.
Ramallah has a President who cannot even rule his open-air-prison.
Copenhagen has booked success only  in its Hotels-occupancy .
Tony Blair and George Bush are still walking free.

It is Christmas !!.....rejoice! ! rejoice!!
only Santa Klaus is happy....
and hopefuly.... .. you too !!

Raja Chemayel

Sherlock Hommos

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom

Monday, December 21, 2009

Two arguments angainst one link.
Berlin...... the latest Holocaust Memorial

There are, at least, two
irreproachable and undeniable arguments
against  the alleged link between
the Holocaust with the State of Israel :

1- Zionism was born  before  Adolf Hitler.

2- No Arabs ,and especially no Palestinians,
    took part in that  "Holocaust ".

Raja Chemayel

Whether or not ,
it is correctly reported what
and how and how-much,
was that Holocaust.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Matter Of Opinion
 Three Occupied and  three occupiers.

if , one day ,
we became "Terrorists "
why then nobody
asked himself :  why ??

Besides that , 
calling us "Terrorist"
is a matter of a very subjective-opinion
and it all depends also whether you are
supporting the occupiers
or supporting the occupied....
Raja Chemayel
very much occupied
against the occupiers.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The first lesson in Theology
the name of Jesus, on the walls of
 this Holy Monument ,
is mentioned and repeated
more than on any other monument
in Jerusalem !!
or even more than
 in Notre Dame Cathedral,in Paris.

The First Lesson in Theology :

God is Allah
Jesus is Issa
Messiah is Massieh
Abraham is Ibrahim
Moses is Moossa
Joseph is Youssef
Mary is Mariam
The Holy-Ghost  is  Rouh el kodoss
Elijah is Elias
Peter is Boutros
Michael is Michaeel
Gabriel is Gibra´eel
Marc is Morkos
Evangil is  Ingeel
Thora is  al Thowrat
Satan is Shaytan

This is not only a lesson in language or in translations
it is about Islam and Christianity which are one religion
with different applications and eventualy with variating rules.

At any rate all the mentioned figures are the same actors,
here and there.......

Never believe anyone who tells you that there is
theoretical-nor any natural-animosities.

Today Islam and Christianity are divided by the cultures only
and by geo-politics , occasionaly.

Raja Chemayel

an Arab-Christian who calls God , Allah !!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Love me.....or Livni !!
Hillary´s sister.

Madame Livni
shall refrain from visiting London
there is an international- arrest-warrant
issued against her, for War Crimes !!

Instead ,
and without any problems
Livni could visit

 Amman or Casablanca
and also, Ramallah....
(but not Gaza ,because,
she is allergic for the White-phosphor)

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
War-Criminals- Catcher

If Mrs. Livni would have stayed
in her grand-father´ s house in Poland
where she would have never become a War-Criminal !!

Coming soon
 to a Justice-Court, near you  !

Monday, December 14, 2009

How each people try to reduce their CO2 immissions,property=Galeriebild__gross.jpg
The CO2 is a poison  !!

In Copenhagen
is the World Conference on Climate Change
it is all about the CO2 emissions, worldwide.

As a matter of fact ,
each time a human-being breathes
he or she rejects (exhale) CO2.......

The people in Gaza , as the rest of the world ,
would like also to reduce the CO2
so they breath inside their own tunnels..... .

The people of Israel,  who would like also
to reduce the CO2 emissions,
simply,  by getting  rid of the Gazeans.....

As you see,
each people, have a different solution
to reducing the CO2 emissions.

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Egyptian Wall

Egypt shall build an underground- wall
on its side of the Gaza borders..... ..
The idea is to block the passage
of the Palestinian tunnels.

With all  honesty and modesty ,
I am not capable to make any joke , here.

Those who know my writings would expect now
anything , funny,satirical or sarcastic , on that subject.

Not this time !!

I cannot ,
this news made me sick !!

it is a pure case of  "high-treason"
and I do not know what to add to it.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Sectarianism in the land of the Cedars

Sectarianism is present in the social and political life
of the Lebanon and is even in the unwritten-constitut ion.

Sectarianism is saturating the day by day life
so that it becomes invisible and indivisible. ....
and it replaces the breathing-air.

But then and again,
too much of anything , makes it absolute
and self-destructive.  Like love and or alcohol..... .

I shall give you an example :

One candidate running for an "orthodox-seat" in the parliament
is a member of an "all-Maronite-party" and ex-member of a dissolved

This candidate won the elections in his district (for the orthodox-seat)
thanks to the overwhelming votes of the Druzes in that same district.
The Druzes voted for him under an agreement (a coalition)
with the Sunni-group of Hariri.

So there you have it :
An Orthodox-parliamentarian who is member of a Maronite-clan
voted in power by the Druzes-voters , only to serve the Sunnis-strategy.

This is not a fictitious figure...... ....but a real one !!.

And if you want to hear more confusing details ,
this "Orthodox-parliamen tarian" got less than 24%
of the Orthodox-voters in his district.
Meaning that in practice he is only representing that Maronite-party
which , accidentaly ,does not even exist in his peculiar distric ,anyhow.

And if you think that is unfair or strange , you would be surprised
to know that this (Christian) Parliamentarian has ,during the civil war,
killed more of his christian opponents ,
than from his Muslim or Druze opponents.

Today ,
his own body-guards fear those people only from his own religion
and even from his own sect....rather than anyone else.

Sectarianism ,because it is man-made  , is like Racism
and is not at all,  natural !!

Raja Chemayel

non-sectarian and anti-racist

Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to count.....and who to count ???

Often , when not always ,
people do speak of the 6 million Jews
killed in the second world war.

Also one counts the killed French,
Italian , Canadians , Russians.... etc..

The first mistake here is that
when it comes to the Jews,
they count by religion and when it
comes to the other nationality or other religions
it is counted by nationality.

I would prefer they would count the French-Jews
and the Canadian-Jews and the Russian-Jews
and the Italian-Jews separately.

And if they must count only by religion
I see that mostly Christians died , more than the Jews.
And if we have to count by Religious-sects , I assure you
that the Christian-Orthodox-persons suffered the most.
(the Russians-soviet populations)

And if we shall count my the political-ideologic al-standards
we can say the Communists lost the most victims.

And now comes the point , I am leading you to :

How come nobody counted the dead-Arabs
in North Africa knowing that the Second Wold War
was decided in the Arab Desert : EL ALAMEIN.

How come nobody counted the dead-Muslims,too
coming from the British and the French colonies ??
and who were made to believe that if they joined the Allies-Armies
there country shall get Independence from colonialism.

Why only compensation for the "Jews " was paid ???
and not according to their Nationality but to their religion.
And the Joke is that finally this compensation was paid to a "State"
not not to their community or to their families.

Why did the artificial-state- of-Israel collect the damages 
done to the Polish-citizens who were Jews
or done to the Italian-citizens who were Jews ???

Regardless to the accuracy, or the veracity, of the 6 Million figure,
it is unfair to count by the religion
it is unfair to count by nationality or by race
because once we are dead it does not count anymore !!

Nevertheless it more unfair and equally unjust
that the Arab and or Muslim victims , were never compensated
let alone ever counted !!

Raja Chemayel

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dubai , Miracle or Mirage ??
Dubai ,
a Miracle or a Mirage ??

Dubai ,
for sale or for rent.

Why was Dubai ever built ?
and who profited from Dubai ??

What does it do ??
Whom does it serve ??

Money for the Money !!
Houses for the Real-estate
or real-estate for the Greed ??

How else and where else could that fortune be invested ??

Why to dump the Sea for land-reclamation,
when behind you is the vast desert ???

What kind of an national-entity is that,  which is 85% importeted ??

The Sodom of Greed,
the Amora of Capitalism.

Dubai shall not go under , because "
Mohamad Dahlan owns a Hotel there
and Russian wash their money there
and the Saudis go there for alcohol and women
and the Iranians do everything they cannot do at home.....
Dubai ........a brothel of blind-greed! !

All the Gulf-states are artificial
socialy , historicatly and economicaly
and that , President Saddam knew it !!!

Raja Chemayel


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Iraq gets a new constitution.....

the new-faces of Iraq

The Iraqi parliament has just agreed on the new constitution.
Now  , the division is set along the lines of faith
along the lines of sect and along the ethnic lines.

There are now :
three ethnic-Iraqs
and 2 sectarian-Iraq
and five regional-Iraqs
and 7 recognised minorities.

Thank you George Bush , thank you Wolfowitz and Richard Perle !!
Mission accomplished .....indeed .
We have had once one Iraq.....and now there are three !!

I remember the previous constitution
that never did mentioned the ethnic identities
nor was the religious belonging a matter of relevance... ..

The President was a secular-Sunni
with a Christian-vice- president
and a Shiaa-second- vice-President
not because of their religion but because of their talents....

There was one Party , which has had some Short-comings,
but this party was modern,secular and republican.....

Don't you remember it ??............. it was there until 2003...
and the Iraqi President was an ex-revolutionary,
anti-imperialist who build Churches and protected the Synagogues.

Funny !!
today that same parliament includes :
- war lords
- religious scholars (fanatic or not)
- tribal lords
- Mafiosos
- CIA stooges
- smugglers and common criminals, seeking immunity
- run-away-bankers
- mercenary-captains

The previous Parliament has not perfect ,
but at least those , above figures, were excluded.

If you ask me ,
I would say that George Bush fooled us
and that President Saddam is a dead Hero !!!

As they say in old western-cowboys- movies :
"They hanged the wrong man "

Sherlock Hommos
a Nostalgic-realist

Monday, December 7, 2009

An insult to cinematography.....

Each clown....... ..has some rights....

There was a lot of tumult
about one Dutch Parliamentarian ( Geert Wilders)
who produced a short-film called "FITNA"
some have found this film as an insult to Islam,

I did not find it as insult to Islam
I only have found this film rather as
an insult  to cinematography
and to the real film-making .

If what Mr. Geert Wilder has  made  is called a " film "
then you may expect an Oscar for my video-holidays- film , next year.
Or the Seventh-Art is no more an Art !!
Or Banality has gained any value !!
Or the Zionists have reached the Dutch-Parliament !!
Or the Western world has ran out of cinematographic- talents !!
Or any combination of the above....... ..

Sherlock Hommos
Film Director and Film critic

Sunday, December 6, 2009

LasVegas, Jerusalem and Venice.

 All this in the USA !!.......... ........

Recently the city of Las Vegas has replicated
practically most of the ancient city of Venice

This way an American tourist could visit Venice
without leaving the USA.

Also there is a copy of the Eiffel Tower
in Las Vegas , too......... .......

What if the City of Las Vegas would copy
the Old-Jerusalem- City ??

And in that case ,
they could also rebuild the Temple Of Salomon
which is not in Jerusalem today......
and was never found neither .

Instead of the ethnic-cleansing
of the original Palestinian citizens of the real Jerusalem ,
the Jewish Tourists could visit a 100% copy of Jerusalem
and even go and live there , if they so wish.

And out of nostalgia for occupation and for discrimination and for evictions
and for check-points and for prisons and for deprivations ,
I am sure that Hollywood could provide some actors dressed as Arabs
and the Jewish-tourist could shoot on them , or demolish their houses ,
or drive a Bulldozer over their graves...... .
also they could undress them at some check-points.

Solutions for the Middle East are plenty !!
one should only use his (or her)
creative-imaginatio n

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
Manager of New-Jerusalem- Resort , Las Vegas

PS :
There is a huge architectural problem !!
there are no Jewish Monuments in today's Jerusalem
to be copied in Las Vegas....... ..
but all the other sadist games could be copied .

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Violence of the Chikken

 Palestinians in 1948, discovering Terrorism... ..
Those who are still expecting any Peace
in the Middle East,
are advised ,first and foremost ,
to get rid of the State of Israel,
You may involve the classical-argument of
"The Chicken and the Egg"
or play ping-pong with the accusations
of guilt and of violence.... .
but I tell you ,  that  ,
until 1948 there was no violence
nor any "Chicken to produce any egg".
Raja Chemayel
give Peace-illusions no chance !!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A clear case of Identity-theft...

one Israeli..... .. accused.

We have received a message
from the Heavens,
It seems that those " Historical-Chosen- people "
have filed a Court case,
 accusing all the current-Israeli- citizens
of  Identity-theft.

Eng. Moustafa   Roosenbloom
Reporter from high-level

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

News from Amsterdam

 Empty Houses of an empty-ideoligy

my Jewish-Lord- Mayor
of Amsterdam

There are more illegal-Israeli- settlements build
than there are any new (or old) settlers.... live in them.
Israel is building just for the sake of land-expansion.

Since many decades
more Israelis are leaving the State of Israel ,
than there are new-Israelis (Jews) entering it .

Here in the Netherlands
during the last twenty years 45.000 Israeli-citizens
have settled in and around Amsterdam
when only 1.852 have moved out of the Netherlands
into that "Promised-land"
and from those 1.852
some 741 were originally Russian-Jews, in transit,
and 144 were just going there for their retirement (on pension)
and they have kept their Dutch passports.

Sherlock Hommos

The author lives in Amsterdam since 1975
and have witnessed ,since, 4 Jewish Lord-Mayor .

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Minarets of Swisserland.....or One Minaret for each 33.000 Muslim !!

  The Poster in Switzerland :
" say yes to Minaret-ban "
This poster issued by a right-wing-party
in Switzerland
has risen a lively discussion.
The Court did not forbid it
or rather
it could not forbid it.
Fair enough,
it does not scare me.
Knowing that Switzerland has
400.000 Muslim inhabitants
and only 12 Minarets
which is one minaret
per 33.300 Muslim-person.
Whereas the highest Minaret
is 12 meters only ( 36 feet)
I wonder if we should not
refill all the holes in the Swiss-cheese
as a signal of protest ?? !!
or ask the right-wing-Swiss for a refund
for the empty their cheese
(and , in their heads). 
Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
Swiss-Cheese- driller

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Up-dating for your Encyclopedia

The 20Th century´s Diaspora:
The Palestinian refugees
The 1948 Exodus :
The Palestinian refugees
The longest on-going Shoa :
The Palestinian tragedy
The most recent Holocaust :
The Israeli occupation

The clearest case of  Ethnic-cleansing :
The whole of Palestine
and 1967 up to 2009
The most purposely ignored crimes:
The crimes against the Palestinians.

Raja Chemayel

Friday, November 27, 2009

For the sake of satyrical statistics.....

At face value, it looks that in Fort Hood
someone has shot 13 soldiers
they could go to Afghanistan.

At first look ,
we see that it were an American Citizen
who did it  , and who happens to be a Muslim American.

This is a tragedy , I admit.

But to each tragedy comes , also, sometimes a good side
something positive out of a catastrophe.

I shall explain :

The statistics show that a certain percentage of the soldiers
in action abroad gets wounded or gets killed,
Those 13 dead and 18 wounded would never enter into that equation.

But another equation must be taken into consideration
whereas ,  the statistics show us that for each
Western-soldier present in Afghanistan
we find around 6,78% of dead Afghans
and 23,73% of wounded Afghans .
( not to mention the bombing of the Weddings)

In other words ,
and for the sake of Satyrical-Human- Statistics
we shall notice that :
88 Afghans have had their lifes saved now
and 427 Afghans shall not get wounded .
( and probably one more wedding shall survive, too )

Who ever did that shooting in Fort Hood
has also managed to have (13+18 = 31) US Soldiers
not ending as War Criminals, in the service of neo-imperialism .

So bad news , sometimes , may have also a positive side .

Sherlock Hommos

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Some corrections to current terminologies

Building the settlements in Palestine
is purely land-expansion

Occupying Palestine
is purely land-robbery (Colonialism)

Building that Wall in Palestine
is purely a (physical) Segregation

Zionism in Palestine
is purely an imported-Racism

The State of Israel
is purely an Ashkenazim-colony

The Peace efforts
is purely a time-winning- manoeuvre.

The only-democracy in the Middle-East
the only immune state in the Middle East .

Sherlock Hommos
Anti-hypocrisy- agent.

Short Message

The Iraq war inquiry gets und<span id=

The UK
has started an official Inquiry
the War in Iraq.

All  six

of that inquiry-panel

are appointed by Downing-Street.

............ .....end of the message.

I  also, 
shall appoint six of my own fans

to evaluate my sarcasm in this message .
raja chemayel

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Soon , Israel shall bomb Iran.

Soon , Israel shall bomb Iran
the whole world shall complain
the UN shall condemn it
the USA shall ask for explanations
but......... Israel shall invoke the Holocaust

Husny Mubarak shall blame the Algerian footballers
the Saudi King shall dance until midnight
Sarkozy shall sell Iran the new radars
Russia shall update its own scrab
But Israel shall invoke the Holocaust

Qatar shall send medical help
Dubai shall offer free skying holidays
Syria shall make an alliance with Turkey
and then Turkey shall lead the Muslim world.

Hezbollah shall bomb Haifa and Yaffa
Israel shall bomb Beirut,while avoiding
the palace of Harriri and the villa of the Gemayel´s
and Israel shall invoke the Holocaust , again.

France and Russia shall rebuild the Nuke´s of Iran
with a whole-sale-discount of 15%
Gaza shall reroute its tunnels directly to  Algeria
Abbas shall get a new air-conditioned- Mercedes
as for Israel , it will again invoke the Holocaust,
Ann Frank and the Shoa.....

Bernard Madoff shall get amnesty
and then share a Nobel Prize with Nathaniahu
Hilary shall have a face-lift paid by AIPAC
and Obama shall become as white as Michael Jackson
while Israel,
it shall invoke the Holocaust, again.

Sherlock Hommos

24 Nov.2009

Monday, November 23, 2009


"The chosen people"
was a temporary adjective for one people 
with a specific and temporary-job.

"The Land of the promises"
was also a temporary description of a Land
in which the promises have had to be fulfilled.

"God's promise"
the coming of Jesus,the Messiah,
but not the Land of Canaan,itself.

"The Israelites"
one or more tribes who lived in Palestine
during the Biblical-period .
Today,no more identifiable because of several
and logical religious convergences

"The today's Jews being the same  chosen people"
a pure case of mistaken-identity
or more precisely,  a case of criminal-impostors .
The roots of today´s Israelis are in Europe
and no way in the Middle East !!

"Israeli-citizens claiming to be the Israelites"
a farce..... and a genetic impossibility.
a case of false indentity

a national identification relating to anyone
of any different religion,  who lives naturally in Palestine .
or born from Palestinian parents, in exile .
Jesus as example !!

"South African white-settler"
Is a Zionist who is not a Jew
nor did he choose to rob Palestine.

"A Zionist "
a classical-coloniali st ,but who happens to be a Jew
and who has the obcession to rob , exclusively, Palestine .

Sherlock Hommos

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saint Hassan
Three Saints...... .!!
one italian , and two lebanese.

In his last speech, El Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah
has launched a frontal and total attack on Drugs
and on Drugs -trafficking. ......... .......
He even went further to explain that:
"Selling Drugs , even to an enemy  ,is unlawful,
immoral and it is forbidden by Islam.".....unquote

In other own words :
Selling Drugs ,even to the Israelis,  is a sin.......unqute

I stop here ,
and make no further comments,
but I ask you to compare this most recent declaration
which is an explanation ( a FATWA ) compared with ,
those Rabbis living the settlements declaring that :
killing or expelling all the indigenous- Arabs ,  is not a (jewish) sin !!

The irony of it all that ,
is that the whole Western-world, including those Rabbis ,
call El Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah as a  "Terrorist"
instead of calling him  " Saint Hassan "

Raja Chemayel

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fort Hood

Fort Hood
An army psychiatrist has allegedly
shot down 18 of his comrades
and wounded the same amount.
He was a Muslim asked to enlist
to go and kill far away victims
who happen to be innocent-Muslims too.....
I have simple and naive question :
What would be the case if that psychiatrist
would have been a Jew , asked or ordered
to invade the State of Israel ....??
Would he get an amnesty , because
his grandfather's cousin's wife's sister
would have died in Auschwitz ??
Eng. Moustafa   Roosenbloom
my grandfather's cousin's wife , had no sisters

Sunday, November 15, 2009

the longest premeditated crime


How do you call
the longest-premeditate d-crime ?? :
The State of Israel