Wednesday, December 30, 2009

" Ich habe es nicht gewusst !"


Adolf´s personal-body- guard ,
had never heard of the concentrations- camps .
"Ich habe es nicht gewusst"
translation :
"I did not know it "
At the end of the second world war
when the secrets about the Concentrations Camps
were becoming a wide public knowledge... .
Many Germans and also the right-wing-European s
said : Ich habe es nicht gewusst !!
In the year 2014 when Husny Mubarak
shall stand trial for his deeds
he shall say to the ruling judge :
Ana ma kontish baaraf haga !!
which means :
Ich habe es nicht gewusst !!
which means :
I did know anything about Gaza´s suffering
which means :
History cannot judge the accomplice of Nathaniahu
which means :
the dog of the hangman..... ... can also be innocent ..
By the way ,
Hitler´s Body-Guard who was with him ,
even until the Berlin-Bunker- episode ,
and was even operating the direct and personal
telephone of Adolf
also said :
Ich habe es nicht gewusst !!
and so he got only 10 years prison, in Russia.
 this Body-Guard was married
to a Jewish-German- Lady
and he also said ; "  I did not know it "
that his own wife was a Jew.
Just in case Husny Mubarak really  "does not know"
could the Mole  reading , regularly, my mail
pass it on to Husny ??
Please do that !!
............  Thank you Joe !!
Raja Chemayel
trying today to sky in the Alps,looking for the snow
but I did not know about the Global-Warming
so I am boring the Hotel Barmaid with my jokes....all afternoon. 

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