Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You should ask for a Tax-refund !!

My Crown-Princess Maxima
this is were (or to whom) my taxes go to.
How about yours ???
Those readers who pay their taxes in the USA
ought to ask for a Refund...... !!
due to unsatisfactory services !!
or even due to non-rendered services !!
Those readers who do not pay their taxes to Uncle Sam
may sit back relax and have a good laugh .......Like me .
The Homeland Security Agency
has had that Nigerian Young-man of the Delta Airline-Detroit
on its list of suspect which could be uploaded from any
embassy computer or even from Airline Computers.
The USA Embassy in Nigeria
received a pre-warning from the father of the Hijacker
who is not just anybody , but was an ex-minister
and is the Chairman of a well respected bank.
And we all know the end of this story......
Anyhow I pay my taxes to a nice Queen
with a prettier Daughter in Law ,
so I need not to complain.
But US Citizens surely ought to claim a tax-refund !!
Or the USA ought to cancel all the Visas to people
with a Muslim name, or Arabic-name
or even to Yemen-Jews , Iraqi-Jews and to Moroccan-Jews
(who kept their arabic-names) .
Or simply , any person who is darker than George Cluny !!
Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
Half-Yemenee , Half-chosen
PS :
The author lives in the Netherlands
and pays his taxes , on time and in full
but not necessarely with a smile !


Anonymous said...

uess o ? gq 22

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