Saturday, February 2, 2008

Yesterday in Mauritania..........................................or the Referendum.

In Mauritania ,yesterday, the Israeli Embassy
was set on fire.

First Question :
What the hell is an Israeli Embassy doing in Mauritania ??

Second Question :
Did the Government ask the People of Mauritania
if they ever want diplomatic relations with Israel ??

Third Question:
Does the Mauritanian Government realise now ,
what the people's answer to the second question , was ?

Sherlock Hommos
respecting the wish the the people in Mauritania
or anywhere else......

PS :
what happened in Mauritania could be called
"an instant and clear Referendum"

Why not holding a referendum
also in Amman and Cairo ??

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How do you call a defeat ?? or Winograd and Stalingrad

Today the Winograd report on Israel's war
in the Lebanon in 2006 has concluded that
"it was not a victory" for Israel .

Did you ever hear or see any victory over
any Liberation-guerrilla or any Liberation-army ,
anywhere, anytime ???

On the day when we bury Dr.George Habash
we are rewarded by the fact that for the first time
Israel admits a "non-victory".........
while , in the language of honesty and sincerity
it is called a "defeat"

I am sure that all persons attending the funerals
of Dr. George Habash have shown their faces
and they did it , also proudly.........
those others who ever will , or will not,
attend the funerals of Ariel Sharon
will surely hide their faces or even ,not show-up at all.......
and that will be Israel's second admitted "defeat"

Winograd might be the Stalingrad of Israel's might.

Long live the Liberation-wars !!
To die for Liberty is to live for ever !!

Raja Chemayel
30 Jan 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008

An Arab called George... العربي الذي يدعى جورج

An Arab called George
a Christian called George
a Palestinian called George
a Revolutionary called George
a Liberator called George
a Hero called George

Dr. George Habash is no more.....
the Lion is dead.

he was a father , a brother and a Teacher
he was a torch a lighthouse and a revolutionary.

El Hakeem died on a Friday
and we are waiting for our "Sunday...."
the Sunday of the Resurrection and Liberation

العربي الذي كان يدعى جورج...
المسيحي الذي كان يدعى جورج...
الفلسطيني الذي كان يدعى جورج...
الثوري الذي كان يدعى جورج...
المحرر الذي كان يدعى جورج...
البطل الذي كان يدعى جورج...

الدكتور الحكيم جورج حبش غاب...
مات الأسد...

كان أباً وأخاً ومعلماً..
كان شعلة مضيئة... كان منارة... وكان ثورياً...

الحكيم جورج مات يوم الجمعة...
ونحن بانتظار أحدنا "نهارنا المشمس..."
أحد القيامة... أحد التحرير...