Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai and car accidents....

why the photo ?? when the relevant-faces are hidden !!
they look rather like "colleagues" .
(and those terrorists have clean-shirts)

In Mumbai the final death-count is almost ready
and I hear that there was only one USA citizen dead
and also one British citizen dead
and of course that Rabi
who happens to be an American Rabi....not an Indian
nor even Israeli-Rabi.
With all due respect to the other victims
and with all due respect to Islamic Jihad.......
and with due respect to the Jihad-experts
and to the Jihad-criticisers
and to the Jihad inventors
and last but not least my sympathies to the innocents... .
I say :
it was not much of Terror-action
nor was it any spectacular- jihadist- operation.
I am sure that MI6 , the CIA and Mossad
could do much better than killing only so few Jews
and American and British.
I am sure the last three days would have seen more
innocent Jews,Americans and British killed by car-accidents
than by this spectacular- show !!
Sherlock Hommos
investigator for Hotel's aaccommodations.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

There are Stavations and STARVATIONS !!

a hole made by Israel in Gaza

a hole made by Gaza in Israel

The freedom of the Press
allows any editor-journalist to choose
what subject to report on or to comment on.

Fine with me ,
I agree provided honesty and fairness do have a role to play
...........this role is called: objectivity.

But I wonder how come that
the starvation of Darfour is more popular
than the starvation of Gaza. ..........?

How come Darfour is a humanitarian- tragedy
and Gaza is a less-tragedy , or even a negligible-tragedy.

Is it because Gaza has sophisticated- missiles
that make one-foot-large-holes in the pavements ??
and never have killed a cat nor even a chikken..... ?
or.......... .....Because , the Darfourians never bombed Israel !!

Serlock Hommos

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To be white and rich......

George W Bush has ,today, just issued 14 presidential- pardons
for convicted-criminals on tax evasion,
stealing government properties
and on cocaine-dealings. .... etc...
(look up the details in the news)

And, I remember 8 years ago when George came to power ,
we used to criticise him for never ever giving any pardons
from the death-penalty- inmates into life imprisonment !!
at least....

How time changes the tyrants !!
How time made now George more humane !!

God bless that President !!
this is surely good news to many convicted-criminals
( provided they are white and rich )

We shall also remember him as the wise-man
who once called Ariel Sharon "a man of Peace".
Bush ought to pardon also Ariel
( who is also White and Rich and Criminal )

Sherlock Hommos
Gen.Secretary of Amnesia-International

Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Shut up and drive !!"

Queen Elisabeth shall make him Lord
"The Lord of rapes and aggressions "

A political-idiot sitting besides me, in the car , said to me :
" yes but , Simon Perez always wanted Peace "

and I replied :
" Simon Perez wanted actually a pardon ,to all his crimes,
that is why he spoke about Peace "

That political-idiot continued, by saying :
" But all Israelis want Peace...."

and I said :
" of course they all want Peace , because they all are criminals
looking for a pardon to their crimes .
And what other way is there than making Peace
and then, consequently, getting a general amnesty ?? "

That person ,sitting near me, in the car said :
" You are a fanatic !!"

I replied :
" If knowing all the Truth about Israel is called fanaticism,
then I am fanatic , and that is far better than being naive !! "

That person has had nothing more to say, and then said :
"Shut up, drive and watch the traffic "

Hypocrites , always advise and remind you
what you should do ..........
as soon as they run out of arguments.

Five minutes later that same idiot said :
" The War should stop , it is now 60 years of hatred and death..."

I said :
" How about ending the occupation first...??"

Then there was a long silence and the idiot said "
" Shut-up and drive,,,,! "

When we arrived to our destination, the idiot said :
"You are a better driver than a political-commentat or "

I answered :
" I hope that you know better about driving
than what you know about Palestine's history "

Sherlock Hommos