Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To be white and rich......

George W Bush has ,today, just issued 14 presidential- pardons
for convicted-criminals on tax evasion,
stealing government properties
and on cocaine-dealings. .... etc...
(look up the details in the news)

And, I remember 8 years ago when George came to power ,
we used to criticise him for never ever giving any pardons
from the death-penalty- inmates into life imprisonment !!
at least....

How time changes the tyrants !!
How time made now George more humane !!

God bless that President !!
this is surely good news to many convicted-criminals
( provided they are white and rich )

We shall also remember him as the wise-man
who once called Ariel Sharon "a man of Peace".
Bush ought to pardon also Ariel
( who is also White and Rich and Criminal )

Sherlock Hommos
Gen.Secretary of Amnesia-International

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