Thursday, November 27, 2008

There are Stavations and STARVATIONS !!

a hole made by Israel in Gaza

a hole made by Gaza in Israel

The freedom of the Press
allows any editor-journalist to choose
what subject to report on or to comment on.

Fine with me ,
I agree provided honesty and fairness do have a role to play
...........this role is called: objectivity.

But I wonder how come that
the starvation of Darfour is more popular
than the starvation of Gaza. ..........?

How come Darfour is a humanitarian- tragedy
and Gaza is a less-tragedy , or even a negligible-tragedy.

Is it because Gaza has sophisticated- missiles
that make one-foot-large-holes in the pavements ??
and never have killed a cat nor even a chikken..... ?
or.......... .....Because , the Darfourians never bombed Israel !!

Serlock Hommos

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