Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Shut up and drive !!"

Queen Elisabeth shall make him Lord
"The Lord of rapes and aggressions "

A political-idiot sitting besides me, in the car , said to me :
" yes but , Simon Perez always wanted Peace "

and I replied :
" Simon Perez wanted actually a pardon ,to all his crimes,
that is why he spoke about Peace "

That political-idiot continued, by saying :
" But all Israelis want Peace...."

and I said :
" of course they all want Peace , because they all are criminals
looking for a pardon to their crimes .
And what other way is there than making Peace
and then, consequently, getting a general amnesty ?? "

That person ,sitting near me, in the car said :
" You are a fanatic !!"

I replied :
" If knowing all the Truth about Israel is called fanaticism,
then I am fanatic , and that is far better than being naive !! "

That person has had nothing more to say, and then said :
"Shut up, drive and watch the traffic "

Hypocrites , always advise and remind you
what you should do ..........
as soon as they run out of arguments.

Five minutes later that same idiot said :
" The War should stop , it is now 60 years of hatred and death..."

I said :
" How about ending the occupation first...??"

Then there was a long silence and the idiot said "
" Shut-up and drive,,,,! "

When we arrived to our destination, the idiot said :
"You are a better driver than a political-commentat or "

I answered :
" I hope that you know better about driving
than what you know about Palestine's history "

Sherlock Hommos

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