Friday, November 21, 2008

Must we call them Pirates ??

The Giant-wealth- transporter
its width is as long as a 747

a nice Lebanese-Arab proverb says :
if you ,once, have to steal , then steal a Camel
(the Camel being the biggest animal)
and if you want to fall in love, then fall for the Moon
(the moon being the ultimate beauty in Arab literature)

And today
I say if you have to steal , go ahead and steal
a 200 million Barrels Giant-Tankers. .....

Indeed ,
Pirates have just done this, off the African Coast
it is owned by Aramco , the biggest company worldwide
the monopole-holder of all Saudi Oil,
owned by the richest monarchs on this Planet , who also owns
the whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , itself......

This huge cargo was originating from this
non-constitutional- absolute- monarchy- source
to probably ,the only-super-power which happens
to be the richest entity on earth....... .the USA.

It is stolen , or at least kidnapped , now
hijacked by Mr. Unknown
whether Somali Pirates or any other pirates ,
is irrelevant to me.

So much wealth ,
while, moving between the wealthiest-Family
towards the wealthiest-country,
is stolen , which makes it a crime !!
or rather a re-distribution of wealth ??

Somebody has stolen it......
is it a crime or a heroic-act ??
by any standards... wish to apply ??

The Oil of Iraq is stolen 7 days per week, since 2003
and nobody calls them Pirates

78% of Palestine is stolen since 60 years
and nobody calls them Pirates..... .

and the list is long........ .......

Raja Chemayel
former Devil-advocate and today's Pirate's advocat


globe said...

ok there is pirates in somalia ; but somalia is near djibouti , there is the french who have a strong military presence there (if yu have watch any documentary in french tv's , showing french military having "fun" there ); and the USA have their troops their too , including naval foces.

question , how the pirates can hijackk any thing , and the marinezzz ... , and the "la legion etrangere", in the neighberhood;

how ppl in somalia (one the poorest country in africa); when ppl have a simple life ; and the only western technological advanced technology are rifle/kalachnikovs and talky walky/RPG....

i don't know ... , something is wrong/not logical ....

Anonymous said...

its rich family.....but notrich country......people of this gaint tanker arestrogling to feed thier family when others think they breath money.....

mr. unknown we dont car if u hijak our "(their tanker) becuase the income of this tanker is totaly invisble for us " iam unknown "

Ben Heine said...

Raja, keep being so prolific and revolutionary! Thx for adding me as a "Blogger Friend", it's appreciated

Anonymous said...

Gracias intiresnuyu iformatsiyu