Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Raja's dictionary....up-date.

The state of Israel :
a crime, without a punishment.

Palestine :
a country erased from the Map
to compensate for a European-crime.

people who are either
forcibly-displaced , or brutally occupied
by those who never have ever met them before.

"Terrorism " :
a last-resort- punishment
to those unpunished-criminal s.

Zionism :
a racist-colonial- criminal- ideology
claiming to apply a democratic-theocrac y.

Judaism :
an immature-version of Christianity .
a stone-age-version of Islam .

(in the Middle-East):
a general-pardon for Colonialism ,
a legalisation of Apartheid
a reward for Zionism
an amnesia against the Palestinian- Rights.

Raja Chemayel

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