Saturday, April 26, 2008

When your ex-mother-in-law shall report and reccomend you to your future-wife

Recently, the CIA Director-General
appeared in front of the Intelligence Committee of the Congress
for a hearing on alleged "Syrian Nuclear activities ".

If my pen were almost out of ink ,
and I have to describe very shortly
and quickly this meeting , I would write:
The liar reported to the ignorants about the innocent.

If I have more ink left over to write , I say :
The liar reported to the ignorants
what he has heard from the Israelis about that innocent.

But due to the fact that I am using my computer
instead of my almost empty pen , I would describe it
a bit differently .
But first I will drink a glass of sacarsmo-cola
and eat a steak of well-done cynicism with a hot sauce of humour
and then I shall re-describe this meeting as :
like when , your ex-mother-in-law
shall report and recommend you to your next wife .

Never mind my cheap euphemism... .
I shall just , rather ,ask you directly :
What can you expect from the CIA
when it is reporting on the only enemy of Israel
and when its sources are from Israeli-intelligenc e,itself ???

Sherlock Hommos
Nuclear-scientist for civilian-consumptions
26Th of April
the birthday of my first wife !!

Friday, April 25, 2008

The first-hand-Spy and the Angel of second-hand

R.Hamad and B.Kadish

لقي القبض على جاسوس جديد في الولايات المتحدة
لنقله معلومات عن أبحاث نووية طازجة
من الولايات المتحدة إلى دولة بني صهيون

وفي اليوم ذاته وجد عربي
ميتاً في بحيرة في أوستن من أعمال تكساس

وفوراً وبدون أي بحث وتمحيص أعلن أنها عملية انتحار
بينما الدلائل تثبت أنها عملية اغتيال وحشية

العربي كان ينقل كتب مستعملة
وأيضاً ثياب مستعملة
لأولاد أفقرتهم إسرائيل... ومدارس في فلسطين المحتلة

ومن سخريات الزمن
أو الرأي الآخر يقول
بأن هذا الجاسوس كان ينقل معلومات قديمه،ساكند هاند
وكذلك بما يتعلق بفلسطين
ولكن، بما يتعلق به، المرسلة إلى فلسطين المسروقة، وهو المهم والأهم

ولكن الجاسوس "صدف" بأنه يعتنق اليهودية... ووو الصهيونية
بينما الشخص الآخر الذي لقي حتفه... فهو عربي ومسلم
وهل هناك من جريمة أكبر من هذه!!!؟؟؟

وحدث أن يكون الجاسوس يقوم بعمل يضر بالولايات المتحدة
بينما لم يضر العربي الضحية.... لم يضر أحداًًً
ولا حتى "دولة إسرائيل

هل تعرف الولايات المتحدة من هم أعدائها؟؟؟؟
وهل تعرف الولايات المتحدة ذاتها كيف تصنع الأصدقاء؟؟؟

وهل يسمح للولايات المتحدة بان تحتفظ بأصدقائها............ سوى الصديق اللدود

رجا الشميل
مخبر ساكند هاند – متحاملززز من الدرجة الأولى

المترجم المحلف: أديب قعوار


The first-hand-Spy and the Angel of second-hand

Another Israeli-spy is arrested in the USA
for passing on first-hand-nuclear-research-information's
from the USA on to the State of Zion.

At that same day an Arab is found
dead in a lake in Austin-Texas.

The Police calls it immediately a "suicide"
while all the evidences show a brutal assassination.

This Arab was passing on second-hand-school-books
and second-hand-clothes ..........
to the occupied-Palestinian children and schools.

The irony,
or the other-side-argument, would be that
this Spy was also passing second-hand-information's
and also towards Palestine ,
but then ,in his case,to the Stolen-Palestine, in that case !

The Spy happened to be of the Jewish faith
while that dead Arab was a Muslim.

The Spy happened to be harming the USA
while that Arab did no nobody
not even to the State of Israel.

Does the USA know who are its enemies ??

Does the USA know how to make any Friend ??

Is the USA allowed to keep any friends.......except Israel ??

Raja Chemayel
a second-hand-observer of first-class-bias

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Police-State with the Battle-hardened-Army

Iraq was before the invasion ,
with all the sympathies I carry for it , a Police-State.

That Police-state has had an army that fought
at least eight years , non-stop, against Iran
which is five times bigger.

So we have had,
a Police-State with a battle-hardened- army,
on the eve of the invasion by the USA.

And what do we ,today, see ?

The US-invader wants to "train" and establish
a new-Police and a new-Army.

It is like when the US would invade Austria
and then would teach , or to train , the Austrians
how to dance a Walse....
or like invading Lebanon to teach us how to
dance a Dabkeh.....
or like the USA invading Israel , and teaching
Israelis how to steal land......
or Bush invading Argentina , and teaching there
how to dance a Tango....

Never mind !! ,
do not expect any logic from a Monster
and besides that , we saw that the first major engagement
of the Police against the Insurgents in Basra
produced a huge mass-defection of Policemen who
surrendered their arms to the Mahdi-Army

What next ??
would the USA use , soon ,
the new-Iraqi-Army to invade Syria ??
on behalf of Israel ??

If and when George Bush thinks that the US Public Opinion
is only a bunch of ignorants ......does it mean to George
that all Iraqis were to be idiots , like he probably is ???

Iraq is now , thanks to G.W. Bush , an
un-policeable- state with a battle-hardened- popular-resistance

Sherlock Hommos
trainer for sarcastic-state-of-mind

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

With such a Grand-father.........

The Martyr's monument in Beirut

The Grand-father of Riad Hamad , El Hajj Omar Hamad,
stood up once against the tyranny and the imperialism
he fought against the Ottoman-occupiers of the Lebanon
and indeed occupiers of the whole Arab lands....

The Grand-Father , Hajj Omar , ended up, abruptly his life
hanging on an Ottoman-rope in the Martyr's square of Beirut.

Beside him , were hanged Christian-Arabs
and Druze-Arabs as well as Muslim-Arabs.

Our oppressors were ,on that day, accidentally Muslims
and even Sunni-Muslims....but not Arabs.

Riad's Grand-father refused them and demanded
a full Independence from the Ottomans ,
although he, himself ,was a Sunni-Muslim
exactly like the Ottomans were...

Indeed Arabs of all religions and of all confessions
and all sects or ethnic-background fought against
the Ottoman occupiers.
With or without the help of Lawrence of Arabia.

Riad Hamad the Grand-son of Hajj Omar Hamad
once, and only once , disagreed with me
when I was arguing with a non-Zionist-Jew
whom I wanted him to become,instead, an anti-Zionist-Jew.
Riad took up his defence and replied to me :
"The doors of my own house are open for Abraham Weizmann,
and he is my welcome-brother anytime ........"

Also and parallel to that attitude Riad was
cooperating 100% with many churches
and also with many inter-faith-organisations.

This reminded me of his Grand-Father
who was hanged 2 feet away from a Christian
and 5 feet away from a Druze and probably
also incidentally an Arab-Jew......also.

I compare , proudly here ,
the martyrdom of the Grand-father
to the martyrdom of the Grand-son , Riad .
Both were Arabs, in the full sense of this name.

Who knows maybe in that same lake in Austin
if we look long enough , we might also find a Christian
and or even a Jew .....drowned by a fascist hatred
drowned because they were the knights for Humanity
and because humanity is the only way for Peace.

Riad and his grand-father teach us that religions are worthless
if they do not, first, serve humanity..........
and that there is no glory
nor any humanity in being an occupier......
any occupier anywhere,at any time and from any religion.


Monday, April 21, 2008

The Olive Oil Magnate

The Olive-Oil-Magnate

Riad did not commit any suicide
because someone who offered a better-life to the others
does not take away his own......
exactly because, other lives depended on his.
Suicide , in this case ,
would be only for the egoists !!

Riad , if ever he planned any suicide,
knowing him ,
he would first call all of us
and would have tried to sell us,
his last remaining bottles of Olive Oil .

Riad , would have packed the second-hand- clothes
packed also more the school-books ,
drove everything to the post office, to mail them
to Palestine or some refugees-Camp in the Lebanon.
And only then , he would go to meet
the Creator.

Riad , would have said first " Good-bye"
but he did not and he could not.....neither
because , there was a tape stopping him .

Whether we give them our Olive Oil
or our Petrol Oil
they rather want our blood !

Riad ,will soon email us from Heaven
reminding us of his PCWF
and of Humanity.


نسي رياض أن يبيعنا
أخر زجاجة زيت زيتون فلسطينية لديه
أسطورة بائع زيت الزيتون

لروحك... يا رياض من أحبابك

لم يقترف رياض جريمة الانتحار
لأن ألذي يمنح الآخرين حياة أفضل
لا ينهي حياته
بالضبط لأن، حياة الآخرين تعتمد على حياته هو
فالانتحار... في هذه الحالة
هي فقط... للأنانيين
ورياض... قيما لو خطط للانتحار
وهو كما عرفته... لكان اتصل بنا جميعاً
ليحاول بيعنا ما تبقى لديه من زجاجات زيت الزيتون

لكان رياض، وضب ما لديه من ثياب مستعملة
وأيضاً ما لديه من كتب مدرسية
وأخذ سيارته إلى مكتب البريد... لإرسالها لأحبابه أبناء فلسطين
في فلسطين.. وفي مخيماتهم في لبنان
عندها... فقط سيذهب لملاقاة
لملاقاة خالقه

لكان رياض قال لنا إلى اللقاء
ولكنه لم يفعل... لم يتمكن من ذلك
لأن القاتل كان قد أغلق فمه ولف جسده بشريط لاصق

لو كنا أعطيناهم كل ما لدينا من زيت الزيتون الفلسطيني
وزيت النفط العربي
هم يريدون آخر قطرة من دمنا
سوف لن يتأخر رياض من ارسال رسالة ألكترونية من الفردوس

ليذكرنا بمؤسسة مساعدة أولاد فلسطين

ومترجمه... أديب الفلسطيني