Saturday, April 26, 2008

When your ex-mother-in-law shall report and reccomend you to your future-wife

Recently, the CIA Director-General
appeared in front of the Intelligence Committee of the Congress
for a hearing on alleged "Syrian Nuclear activities ".

If my pen were almost out of ink ,
and I have to describe very shortly
and quickly this meeting , I would write:
The liar reported to the ignorants about the innocent.

If I have more ink left over to write , I say :
The liar reported to the ignorants
what he has heard from the Israelis about that innocent.

But due to the fact that I am using my computer
instead of my almost empty pen , I would describe it
a bit differently .
But first I will drink a glass of sacarsmo-cola
and eat a steak of well-done cynicism with a hot sauce of humour
and then I shall re-describe this meeting as :
like when , your ex-mother-in-law
shall report and recommend you to your next wife .

Never mind my cheap euphemism... .
I shall just , rather ,ask you directly :
What can you expect from the CIA
when it is reporting on the only enemy of Israel
and when its sources are from Israeli-intelligenc e,itself ???

Sherlock Hommos
Nuclear-scientist for civilian-consumptions
26Th of April
the birthday of my first wife !!

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