Tuesday, April 22, 2008

With such a Grand-father.........

The Martyr's monument in Beirut

The Grand-father of Riad Hamad , El Hajj Omar Hamad,
stood up once against the tyranny and the imperialism
he fought against the Ottoman-occupiers of the Lebanon
and indeed occupiers of the whole Arab lands....

The Grand-Father , Hajj Omar , ended up, abruptly his life
hanging on an Ottoman-rope in the Martyr's square of Beirut.

Beside him , were hanged Christian-Arabs
and Druze-Arabs as well as Muslim-Arabs.

Our oppressors were ,on that day, accidentally Muslims
and even Sunni-Muslims....but not Arabs.

Riad's Grand-father refused them and demanded
a full Independence from the Ottomans ,
although he, himself ,was a Sunni-Muslim
exactly like the Ottomans were...

Indeed Arabs of all religions and of all confessions
and all sects or ethnic-background fought against
the Ottoman occupiers.
With or without the help of Lawrence of Arabia.

Riad Hamad the Grand-son of Hajj Omar Hamad
once, and only once , disagreed with me
when I was arguing with a non-Zionist-Jew
whom I wanted him to become,instead, an anti-Zionist-Jew.
Riad took up his defence and replied to me :
"The doors of my own house are open for Abraham Weizmann,
and he is my welcome-brother anytime ........"

Also and parallel to that attitude Riad was
cooperating 100% with many churches
and also with many inter-faith-organisations.

This reminded me of his Grand-Father
who was hanged 2 feet away from a Christian
and 5 feet away from a Druze and probably
also incidentally an Arab-Jew......also.

I compare , proudly here ,
the martyrdom of the Grand-father
to the martyrdom of the Grand-son , Riad .
Both were Arabs, in the full sense of this name.

Who knows maybe in that same lake in Austin
if we look long enough , we might also find a Christian
and or even a Jew .....drowned by a fascist hatred
drowned because they were the knights for Humanity
and because humanity is the only way for Peace.

Riad and his grand-father teach us that religions are worthless
if they do not, first, serve humanity..........
and that there is no glory
nor any humanity in being an occupier......
any occupier anywhere,at any time and from any religion.


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