Saturday, April 18, 2009

The same "Dick"......

Two liberators.. ..

At the meeting of the America's
President Obama repeated :
" Do not blame the USA for all your troubles.... .."

The same sentence was addressed to the Arab and Muslim world
at the inaugural-speech. ......
and Sherlock Hommos , my brother-in-law asked him then :

1- who supported and still supports all our rotten-leaders ??
2- who financed Israel from A to Z ........??
3- who never helped any democratic effort among the Arabs ??

Today Sherlock Hommos requested me to ask President Obama
on behalf of our brothers in South-America :

1- if there is any dictator who was not placed as ruler, by the USA ??
2- did ever , by mistake, the USA help any democratic change or any reform ??
3- who owns the plantations and the factories in South-America ??
4- who assassinated Salvatore Allende ?? Ernesto Che Guevarra ??
5- who owns the United-Fruit- Companies ?? the Panama Canal ??

The Arabs and the South-American
may speak two different languages
may have two different religions and cultures
but they have the same fate
they are screwed by the same "Dick".....

Raja Chemayel

PS :
"Dick" is an english word for Zob
which is an Arabic word for Lul
which is a Dutch word......
for "American-President "

Friday, April 17, 2009

To torture the terrorist or to torture Democracy ??
The torture was not invented in the USA
and neither was the democracy.

President Obama has decreed today
"that the torturers shall not be punished"
although torture itself , is practically illegal.

However ,
torture is practically- practised
by those who forbid it .

Therefore, please , never ask me why
I hated and disrespected each and every
US President since I was born......

Raja Chemayel

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Piano , the Peace and the Prince

Dedicated to Mr. Saeb Oreikat
the chief-Negotiator of the PA
Donkeys cannot play Piano,
nor guitar.

Once lived a very rich eccentric prince
and he has had practically everything he wished .

Came to him,one day, a Peace-Negotiator
and asked him if he would like to see one day ,
when his Donkey could learn how to play the piano....???

The Prince agreed to this challenge, with the Negotiator .
The later, shall teach to the Prince's Donkey,
how to play the Piano.

The Peace Negotiator accepted this huge challenge
but has asked the Prince for an allowance of 5.000 Dollars
per month , for his services , plus 1.000 Dollars
just to feed that Donkey , during the long and difficult
Piano lessons. The Prince agreed.

Time went by ,
and obviously this Donkey was still very far away
from Arthur Rubinstein's virtuosity .

A friend of the Peace-Negotiator came to visit,
one day, and asked him :
you do know that even after 25 years of education
this donkey would still not be able to play any piano !!! ???

The Peace Negotiator answered ,while smiling ,
and said:
" My dear friend , in 25 years , either the donkey shall die
or the prince shall die , or even I might die......... .
In the meantime I have 6.000 Dollars each month....."

There are two biological facts
that have already been proven :
1- Donkeys cannot play any Piano
2- Israelis cannot do Peace !!.

And I have not heard any Israeli complaining
that no Peace has come yet .........!!!

The question now,
remains about who shall die first ?

The Israelis ?? , the USA ?? or Saeb Oreikat ???

Raja Chemayel

Monday, April 13, 2009
The Wahhabi's cut-off the hand of any thief
that is why "the mouse", becomes very handy !!

Finance Story
or rather the
Finance Scandal

First were the banks ,
who gave away someone else's money
to someone who cannot pay it back
and if he could pay it back , he shall not.

Then the banks could refund nor pay back
to their customers-depositor s

That is when it was called a " crisis "
upon which time, the Government jumps in....

The Government prints more money
and give it to the banks
or give it to the bank's customers...

And what happens then ???

Well the banks shall accept this money
either from the Government or from their customers
but the banks will give it back to
those who cannot refund and if they ever could,
they will never give it back....
that is when the Government shall
re-print more money....... ..
and you know the rest of the story.

It is not the Government's fault
nor are all the Banks crooks......
but the system is a vicious-close- circuit
whereas if you have money , you go to the bank
and when you need money , you also go to the bank.

And with the bank's money you build an illusion
and then you sell that illusion....
until some day comes and someone tells you
" Hold on !! this is an illusion !!! "

and then he refuses to buy that illusion.
That is when the crisis starts...... ..

So how to stop this endless circular traffic ??
Abolish the banks !!
or use the sword to cut off the hand of those thieves
who sell you illusions ???.

Raja Chemayel
replacing Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
who is on a business trip trying to sell
another kind of illusion
called "Peace".

Sunday, April 12, 2009

DACHAU Camp ,entrance for free !!

Children at the Chatilla-Refugee- Camp
in Beirut.
the other Dachau.

I went today the Concentration Camp of Dachau
Before we entered I took my son on the side
and told him
" Listen ,
What the Nazi Regime has done was awful
and unforgivable but before we enter I must tell you
that contrary to what you have heard so far , others than
Jews were also the victims of such places...... .."

" Yes Papa , the Communists , the Socialists,
the Homosexuals the social-democrats , the Gypsy's ,
and most of the mentally retarded
not to forget the common-criminals "
answered me , my son.

Having agreed on that fact ,
we have had a very pleasant and
informative afternoon.

My first impression of that Camp was ,
how clean and well designed it was and I told to my son
that I shall
make him visit Palestinian- refugee's- Camps
in Lebanon soon , this summer during our holidays in Beirut.

My son asked my why ?????

and I told him that the Camps in the Lebanon are worse.
Besides that,they are operative since 59 years
while Dachau was active only 7 years.

There was no entrance-fees charged at the Dachau Camp
which is a great exception in any Western-country
when you know that even to use a Toilet ,
you have to pay.

Probably the German Government wants us to remember
well the crimes of Fascism..... ..
or the Jewish World Congress wants us not to forget
the Holocaust... ..

Anyhow ,
I saw a huge Shower-room with six
water-drainage- wholes in the ground just before
the next room which has had 4 ovens for the cremation.

I leave any further comment to the historians
whether they might deny the Holocaust or not .

Personally , I went there to show to my son
how awful fascism is.......
and why I fight against Zionism and its daughter, Israel .

If you are in Munich , it is worth visiting Dachau
which is 20 minutes drive , only ,
and the entrance is free......
for 2 completely different
and unconnected reasons !!

Raja Chemayel
Easter-Sunday 12Th April 2009