Monday, April 13, 2009
The Wahhabi's cut-off the hand of any thief
that is why "the mouse", becomes very handy !!

Finance Story
or rather the
Finance Scandal

First were the banks ,
who gave away someone else's money
to someone who cannot pay it back
and if he could pay it back , he shall not.

Then the banks could refund nor pay back
to their customers-depositor s

That is when it was called a " crisis "
upon which time, the Government jumps in....

The Government prints more money
and give it to the banks
or give it to the bank's customers...

And what happens then ???

Well the banks shall accept this money
either from the Government or from their customers
but the banks will give it back to
those who cannot refund and if they ever could,
they will never give it back....
that is when the Government shall
re-print more money....... ..
and you know the rest of the story.

It is not the Government's fault
nor are all the Banks crooks......
but the system is a vicious-close- circuit
whereas if you have money , you go to the bank
and when you need money , you also go to the bank.

And with the bank's money you build an illusion
and then you sell that illusion....
until some day comes and someone tells you
" Hold on !! this is an illusion !!! "

and then he refuses to buy that illusion.
That is when the crisis starts...... ..

So how to stop this endless circular traffic ??
Abolish the banks !!
or use the sword to cut off the hand of those thieves
who sell you illusions ???.

Raja Chemayel
replacing Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
who is on a business trip trying to sell
another kind of illusion
called "Peace".

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