Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Piano , the Peace and the Prince

Dedicated to Mr. Saeb Oreikat
the chief-Negotiator of the PA
Donkeys cannot play Piano,
nor guitar.

Once lived a very rich eccentric prince
and he has had practically everything he wished .

Came to him,one day, a Peace-Negotiator
and asked him if he would like to see one day ,
when his Donkey could learn how to play the piano....???

The Prince agreed to this challenge, with the Negotiator .
The later, shall teach to the Prince's Donkey,
how to play the Piano.

The Peace Negotiator accepted this huge challenge
but has asked the Prince for an allowance of 5.000 Dollars
per month , for his services , plus 1.000 Dollars
just to feed that Donkey , during the long and difficult
Piano lessons. The Prince agreed.

Time went by ,
and obviously this Donkey was still very far away
from Arthur Rubinstein's virtuosity .

A friend of the Peace-Negotiator came to visit,
one day, and asked him :
you do know that even after 25 years of education
this donkey would still not be able to play any piano !!! ???

The Peace Negotiator answered ,while smiling ,
and said:
" My dear friend , in 25 years , either the donkey shall die
or the prince shall die , or even I might die......... .
In the meantime I have 6.000 Dollars each month....."

There are two biological facts
that have already been proven :
1- Donkeys cannot play any Piano
2- Israelis cannot do Peace !!.

And I have not heard any Israeli complaining
that no Peace has come yet .........!!!

The question now,
remains about who shall die first ?

The Israelis ?? , the USA ?? or Saeb Oreikat ???

Raja Chemayel

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fatima said...

ha ha ha . bravo what a brilliant story . bravo Raja . Love your humour .