Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day one.......Blame only Iran
He congratulated us....
one week before  Obama did.

The Muslim Brotherhood
did not do it , nor do they claim this success
of deposing Mubarak.

The Internet and the Hackivists
did not do it alone.

Hilary Clinton and  the USA
did not do it neither
they only waited until the 13Th-Round
before congratulating the winner.

Who did it, then  ??
Al Qua´eda and the Taliban
did not get an Egyptian-Tourist-Visa.

It must then the Islamic Republic of Iran
who really did it !!!

How did I conclude this ??

Simply because,
they are the only Muslim Regime
that congratulated this revolution
before ..........Husni runned away.

There you have it !!!

If today you are missing the smiles of Husni
on your TV screens............Blame only  Iran !!
and the Egyptian people, of course !

Sherlock Hommos
revolutionary inspector of the revolutions

Once more...........
No more air-freighted-Democracy !!

Tunisia sleeps much better ,since a while now,
and Egypt  sleeps well , since  tonight !!

Once more , on this happy occasion
the Arabs have shown to the World
that Freedom and or Democracy
can be achieved without the USA !

I hope and wish that Benjamin Nathaniahu  never ever sleeps well ...............anymore !!.

Good Night everybody !!

Raja Chemayel

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tahriri Square.

Tahrir square,
was the first place I visited in 1972
when I went to Egypt for the first time.

It was for me like a pilgrimage :
" To stand on the spot where once stood El Raiss Gamal Abdel Nasser while making his historical speeches to the masses....."

Later I visited Cairo about 70 times on business trips
and yet each time I have had a special feeling
a kind of mythical-emotional-experience when passing
by Tahrir Square.
I even stayed , on purpose , in the Nile Hilton just to be
near that "holy" place..

I have not been to Egypt ,the last 6 or 7 years , but I intend
to visit again soon.....and then.....and again I shall visit Tahrir-Square.

For me this hart-of-the-hart of Arab-Egypt has now
a double historical value.

Whatever has happened today
and whatever shall happen tomorrow , again.......
Tahrir Square is the Square of Tahrir
"Issmin aala moussama "
(an adjective which becomes a name)

Raja Chemayel

In Arabic , Tahrir  means "liberation"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Berlusconi, Mubarak and Hariri

Joe Biden has said once that Husni Mubarak "is not a dictator ".

The Shaikh of Al Azhar did not say anything yet , 
and I doubt that he might  ever give his own opinion, 
on that matter .

Nevertheless being the highest moral-and-ethical-authority of Egypt , 
it is his duty to evaluate and to assess the latest developments on the ground.

I am sure that if the Coptic-Pope would be allowed to speak ,
he would have spoken !!

As for the Ayatollah of Iran , 
he at least has congratulated the Egyptian people .
and he is the only Muslim leader to do so .

And the Pope of Rome is too busy checking out
if Belusconi is wearing a condom , (and who is not !!)

Last but not least :
Mr. Berlusconi supports Husni Mubarak
although he is a bit jealous that Husni is much richer.
But then and again , Berlusconi has many prostitutes
when Husni has only one !!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
9Th of Feb.2001

Berlusconi , Mubarak and Hariri
all three own a private political party
and they all  have separately 
a private parliament coalition.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How Power and Politics manege the Authority

Imagine if,
the Pope in Rome would be an appointed-person
by no one else than Mr. Berlusconi.

The Shaikh of Al Azhar in Cairo is indeed appointed
by Husny Mubarak.

While the nice thing about Iran , is the fact that....
it is completely the other way around :
because,  Ayatollah Khamenaiee has practically appointed AhmadiNejad.

In my Lebanon it is another circus :
a) the Maronite Patriarch gives his "blessings" for the President
b) The Sunni Mufti "approves" the Prime Minister
c) The Shi´aa higher-council "proposes" the Speaker of the Parliament
d) The French Ambassador appoints the Interior+Justice Ministers
e) The US Ambassador appoints the Defence+ Finance Ministers
f)  The UK Ambassador proposes the Foreign + Tourism Ministers
g) Colonel Qaddafi finances the Agriculture + Health Ministers
h) Qatar finances all the reconciliations
i)  Italy sends us a Pope-representative on its accounts.
j) Israel finances, almost, all the assasinations,
   and the separatists movements.

Raja Chemayel

Husni Mubarak and the Taxman

The immense fortune of the Mubarak dynasty
is , on its own, a valid reason to have Hu$ni 
investigated , accused and judged .

If Hu$ni Mubarak would have had a printing machine
in the cellar of his palace , and he would be
printing his money illegally , or otherwise.........
Hu$ni could have not reached the fortune
of 70 Billion dollars.......
not even one quarter of it !! .

Forget anything else !!
(like closing the Tunnels of Gaza)
just bring Hu$ni to a Court-of-justice and ask him :
" from where did you get this fortune ?? and how ?? "

Sherlock Hommos

PS :
Al Capone was jailed , not for his killings 
and his gangsterism ,
but for his tax evasions !!

Monday, February 7, 2011

8.500 US Dollars per day.


The regime in Cairo has allowed the Banks to reopen 
and to hand out 8.500 Dollars ,per day, to each customer.
(Provided it is the customer´s own money of course .....)

Now  , I have three questions :

1. How many Egyptians do have 8.500 dollars in their spare accounts ??
2. How many Egyptians  can take out 8.500 Dollars 
each day ??
3. Is it allowed for Mr. Gamal Mubarak 
and to Mrs. Suzann Mubarak to have ,a bit , more ??

Eng. Moustafa    Roosenbloom

PS :
How many Egyptians make 8.500 Dollars per Year ??

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The other Dictatorship.............

In the light of the possibility that
all dictatorships
must vanish from the Middle East,
Three dictators selling us,.............  Democracy

There is another dictatorship in our  Middle East
and it has been there,constantly, more than 61 years

A One Party system , although with different new-party-names, each time.
Rotating presidents and rotating Prime Ministers,
although all were retired generals, and all were acting similarly,each time .

Apartheid, named " Democracy "
Occupation , named " war on  Terrorism "
Peace-negotiations , called " Peace "
Expansion , called "new-settlements "

Double standards on humanity
Double standards  on democracy
Double standards on  international-law

Overcrowded prisons, with right-less prisoners.
Right-less-citizens ,with a view on deportations.
Racism and colonialism hidden behind the "Democracy label."

It is a Theocracy acting as a Dictatorship
simply , under the flag of Democracy.......

When will it removed ??? Hilary !!

Raja Chemayel